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To our Teachers and Professors

Posted on 12/5/2020 10:53:48 PM by Maria Lattanze

This blog is dedicated to all teachers and professors.

* * * * * *

Online learning.  We have all been there by this point, and you never know what to expect.

But one thing is for certain: both parties involved in online learning are struggling.  

As students, we have it rough because we had to take on a whole new way of learning. It is a completely different mindset going from in-person learning with visual-aids, social interactions, and one on one meetings with a teacher or professor to online learning with nothing but a computer and maybe a notebook and textbook.

class on Zoom

But what about the teachers and professors? They have it rough, too.

As our teachers, you had to change your already planned itinerary for the full year. Our College Professors had to change their entire syllabus for each of their classes.

You also had to find new and engaging ways to teach us. There is only so much you can do to engage students online, unfortunately. However, with creativity through PowerPoint, Kahoot, interactive modules, you found ways to engage us in class.

Our teachers and professors also had to go through multiple training sessions over the summer to fully understand the new software to teach online.  Some do not work as well as others with computers, but they needed to learn to continue teaching us.  Technology can be frustrating, especially when you are new. 

And not to mention, teachers and professors having to deal with students online.

Students who don’t turn their camera on.

Students who are on their phones.

Students who do not participate.

Students with technical issues.

Every day, teachers and professors put on a brave face for classes and work through their lesson plan and then wait for their students' emails asking for help.  And when they receive our messages, they give as much help and advice for us to pass the class or assignment because they know we have it rough, especially through the pandemic.

We do not deserve the amount of patience and kindness these professors and teachers give us. 

* * * * * *

So from all of us students: we see you, and we thank you.

Thank you for answering our last-minute, late-night emails.

Thank you for modifying your pre-made lesson plans.

Thank you for learning new software to continue teaching us.

And most importantly, thank you for understanding. 

Online learning is not the same as in-person. And you know that.

You see us struggling and stressing over grades, and you are willing to consider that when grading and creating assignments and tests.  You have done so much for us, and it does not go unnoticed, especially at Cabrini.