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Opportunities in College That You Didn't Have in High School

Posted on 6/20/2020 6:05:09 AM by Ryan Calderaro

Going to college is stepping into a whole new world. Suddenly, many new opportunities and paths await you, ready to be taken. You’re able to do things you’ve never done, see things you’ve never seen, and experience things you’ve never even thought of. It’s a fun, exciting time, and you should go into it knowing at least a little bit about what new things lie before you. These are the opportunities in college that you (probably) didn’t have in high school. 

1. Traveling

First, let’s talk about traveling. One thing you may already be aware of is “studying abroad”. Studying abroad in college is a great way to go out and see the world, especially a part of it you’ve been dying to get to. At Cabrini, you’re able to go to multiple places such as Italy, Ireland, and Africa.

If you want plenty of time overseas somewhere, you could go study for a full semester. If you’d like a shorter trip, those are also available in the form of one week trips or one month trips to some places. If you have a desire to see another part of the world, studying abroad during college is a good opportunity to do so.

As for traveling within the country, there are several opportunities to get around. For example, there are mission trips that students can go on to different parts of the country to help those in need, while also being able to see somewhere new. If you’re an athlete, you’ll be traveling around to various games/events both in-state and out-of-state. By being on the men’s golf team, I’ve been able to visit Florida, California, Delaware, and other parts of Pennsylvania. These were all amazing opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

If you’ve had your fill of traveling, then there’s plenty of activities that you can participate in through Cabrini that are closer to home. Another perk of college is getting to try new things. For example, I went zip lining on the Adventure Retreat hosted by Campus Ministry and it was a lot of fun. It’s something that I always thought looked cool, but never knew when I’d have the chance to try it.

2. Trying New Activities

There’s a multitude of other activities college will offer you that may pique your interest. Just to name a few that immediately come to mind: rock climbing, a Super Smash Bros Tournament, Quizzo, Cabrini Night at the Phillies, and attending college sporting events simply by walking a few minutes to our gym or field. 

Students at Cabrini Night at the Phillies

3. Living with Friends

The third opportunity you’ll have in college is getting to live with friends if you’re living on campus. College is a great way to make new friends, so whether you come to Cabrini knowing anybody or not, you’ll have plenty of chances to form bonds with people here that will last for years to come. I find that living with my friends is a really good experience, and allows me to grow closer to them. I especially like being able to eat meals with them, but without the set time limit that was present for lunch in high school.

If you’ve never had a roommate before, this can be a good chance to make a new friend. I enjoy coming back to my 4 person suite after class or golf practice and seeing my roommates. It makes what would be an empty room with only me in it, seem much more lively and like home. 

4. Enjoying Freedom

The fourth opportunity you’ll get in college is freedom. There is a huge difference between high school and college in this aspect. You’re treated like an adult now because, well, you are one.

You get to make your own class schedule. If you want to have a day off in the middle of the week, make your schedule so you don’t have any classes on Wednesdays. You can eat when you want. You don’t have to adhere to a strict, short lunch period like in high school. It’s your responsibility to show up to class. While you should definitely go to class, you aren’t going to get a detention or something if you don’t. Again, you’re an adult now. This sense of freedom is refreshing, and I’ve found that many students share this same sentiment. 

5. Taking Different Classes that Interest You

Lastly, a great opportunity in college is taking classes that you’re actually interested in. Of course, you’ll be taking some gen eds throughout your four years, but a great aspect about college is choosing your major so you can take classes you have interest in. The best part however, is taking classes that aren’t even in your major, but just purely interest you. I’m a business major, but I took a philosophy course for example, and I enjoyed it and the way it made me think. There are other courses that I plan on taking these next two years that looked fun to me, including creative writing and principles of investment. 

Simply put, college is an opportunity that is truly unique. When you’re here, you’ll get to do things you never have before, and live life in a whole new way. My best advice on this topic is to enjoy every moment and try those things you want to do. If something looks a little interesting to you, just go do it. What do you have to lose? Take advantage of all of these great opportunities and live your best life. This is college—enjoy it.