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How To Stay Productive

Posted on 10/27/2019 12:36:20 AM by Desiree Junfijiah

As the new academic year begins, many students plan their semester by setting goals for themselves. But to no prevail, these goals fall through like New Year’s Resolutions. So how do we not self-sabotage and set effective objectives for ourselves? 

Get an Agenda!

  • The style of your agenda depends entirely on you. Some like it bullet-style that allows some creative flow with limited restrictions. Some like the elementary style that gives you all the necessities needed for an agenda. There are also online agendas that may seem easier for some people. I personally like writing things down and to be able to see them tangibly. It took me months to find the perfect approach to organize my planning in a way that was comfortable and effective. 

The Syllabus

  • The number one thing to do when the new semester begins is to look through your syllabus! These are where all your important dates and assignments are. Find time to jot them down in your agenda to prepare yourself. Due dates are closer than you think, so plan accordingly.

Study Routine

  • This is where most students get stuck. Finding a good study routine is definitely a trial and error period. It’s all about practicing different routines and finding out what works for you. Do you prefer studying in the morning, afternoon, or evening? What does your class schedule look like? Are there certain breaks within your schedule that you can fill with study sessions? Would you prefer comprehensive studying or little bits and pieces each day? It all comes down to you! The possibilities are truly endless. 

Plan Ahead

  • I absolutely LOVE sitting in a quiet area and planning my week. I take out a sheet of loose-leaf and plan my objectives for the week: Understanding and practicing one-sided limits; Be able to use French verb ‘avoir’ correctly; Read 3 chapters of ‘Notes from the Underground.’ After I write my objectives, I flip the sheet and write to do’s for each day of the week. As the week comes to an end, my objectives become finalized and completed through the 'to do’s .' You must understand that this process and technique work for me, but it may not work for everyone. You may have to task yourself every day according to your schedule instead of planning before the upcoming week.