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Cabrini's New Health and Exercise Sciences Department

Posted on 1/31/2020 2:07:19 PM by Anousha Qureshi

In fall 2018, Cabrini launched some new majors in the School of Natural Sciences and Allied Health. These majors include Health Science, Nutrition, and Public Health housed in the Allied Health department along with the existing major, Exercise Science and Health Promotion. Whether you are a prospective student or still undecided in your sophomore year, these new majors are definitely worth looking into!

Health Science: The health science major is geared towards students who want to explore medical and health professions such as physical and occupational therapy, nursing, being a physician assistant, and others. These students are well equipped and prepared for graduate schools as well as entry-level jobs in clinical and non-clinical settings. The curriculum is heavily focused on sciences like biology and chemistry, along with the social sciences like psychology and sociology. The curriculum also includes an internship that will allow students to get hands-on experience in a potential career path. This major is perfect for those who see themselves working in medical and health settings providing quality care to their clients. Click here for more information.

Nutrition: The nutrition major is designed for those who want to learn more about food science and become more aware of the dietary and health issues prominent today. This major is great for those interested in becoming a nutritionist or registered dietician. Cabrini’s nutrition major will also prepare you for graduate school programs in nutritional sciences and nutrition education and eventually receive licensure to work as an RD (registered dietician). For those who want to start working right after graduation, the nutrition major will allow you to utilize your degree in community health, food industry, and even health research. The coursework for nutrition is very similar to health science as they both emphasize a strong background in biological sciences and chemistry along with social sciences. If you see yourself as giving advice to your family or fellow peers about dietary habits and behaviors, nutrition may be the perfect major for you! Learn more

Public Health: The public health major is aimed towards those who want to work in the healthcare industry and have a passion for researching health issues and providing quality care to protect their communities and prevent the spread of illnesses. As a declared and enthusiastic public health major, I can assure you that public health can be applied to both, your personal and professional life. The field of public health is very broad and includes coursework from the hard sciences, social sciences, business, and even law. Cabrini’s public health program will prepare you to attend graduate school to get a master’s in public health and focus on a specific concentration like health administration and policy or epidemiology among many others. You can also get entry-level jobs as a health educator, public health analyst or consultant, and community health director among several more. The work settings differ from clinical (hospital settings) to non-clinical (working for health departments). This major is great for those who want to go into the healthcare field but not sure of what exactly they want to do. For more information, visit this page.  


Cabrini's new majors are perfect for those who want to study healthcare but not necessarily in the traditional medical or biomedical field. These majors will allow you to focus on different aspects of healthcare and medicine while also expanding job prospects. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the employment rate in healthcare-related fields are expected to increase significantly. For those interested, contact the department chair, Dr. Maria Elena Hallion to learn more about the programs or take one of the health seminar classes offered and learn more about professional development in the healthcare field.