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Why You Should Attend Accepted Student Day

Posted on 3/29/2019 12:42:21 PM by Connor Tustin

Spring is rolling around which means it is starting to become college decision time. While this can be stressful at times for many, there is nothing more exciting than choosing where you will spend the next four years of your life.

Each year Cabrini hosts Accepted Student Day for all of the eager Cabrini accepts! This day is widely celebrated across campus as the current students are excited to see what the next potential class has to offer. 

But why should you attend accepted students day? Many people think of it as just another open house, but it is much more than that. 

Arriving on campus in the early morning, being greeted by student ambassadors, faculty, and staff with a smile on their face is the perfect way to kick off the day. 

Next, you can choose to take a tour, talk amongst your peers, attend mass, and much more to really live out a genuine Cabrini experience. 

What separates Accepted Student Day from any normal open house is the energy and passion the Cabrini community has to offer. It is one of the most exciting days of the year because current student ambassadors and the admissions staff are beyond excited to welcome all of our accepted students to campus. Accepted Student Day is a warm (and fun) welcome that future Cavs will remember forever! 

Here you can talk to current students, ask lots of questions, and get more one-on-one exposure with faculty and staff. Have a particular major in mind? You can take an in-depth tour of a potential major and it’s facilities with the students and faculty who spend their time there every single day. 

Students with business flag

But the best part about Accepted Student Day? You are introduced to a good majority of your potential friends, classmates, teammates, and people you will eventually consider family forever. 

My biggest piece of advice for anyone looking into Cabrini is to make sure to attend Accepted Student Day. There really is no other day like it. It can be hard to put into words how special it is. 

From my experience, Accepted Student Day was the day that I knew Cabrini was definitely the right fit for me. It was the day that I realized I was home.

P.S. It's not too late to register