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Why I Chose to Minor

Posted on 11/6/2018 8:15:24 AM by Julia Smith

When college students hear the word, “minor”, it usually correlates to more work, which leads to more stress. I know going into college, that I too was a bit skeptical, and unsure when I was asked if I wanted to minor in anything. Now, a year later, I am a proud double minor in both English and Gender and Body Studies. Making the decision to minor was one of the best choices I've made since coming to Cabrini. It has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of subjects that I am passionate about and educate me on topics that will contribute to my professional goals. Since I started my minors at Cabrini, my knowledge has increased immensely and I have been given several educational opportunities that I would not have experienced if I did not minor. This includes making more connections with a wider range of professors in my departments as well as diversifying my skill sets and occupational ambitions.

One of the main concerns I had while deciding whether I should minor or not was time management. On top of my major, I am involved in several different clubs and organizations on campus, and, like many college students, I have a lot on my plate. However, the faculty at Cabrini makes transitioning and managing a minor really easy and stress-free. The University offers a wide variety of minors so every student can find one, or two, that they are interested in. Each minor is 18 credits and, with the help of an advisor or faculty member, can easily fit into any schedule.

While not everyone will be interested in double minoring, I encourage all Cabrini students, both new and old, to consider minoring in at least one subject. It will have a lasting, positive effect on not just an academic level, but on a professional and social level as well.