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Why I Chose Cabrini

Posted on 6/13/2020 4:26:58 AM by Ryan Calderaro

One of the hardest questions a high school student must ask themselves is, “what college should I go to?” It’s a question that is difficult for many. Two years ago, I was included in that “many.” I had several compelling options before me, so why did I choose Cabrini?

Firstly, I had a variety of colleges I was looking at, ranging from a very large school like Penn State to my much smaller choice of Cabrini. Before visiting Cabrini’s campus for the first time, I made trips to all of the other schools I was accepted to. I enjoyed all of the tours and visits and had fun looking around. The only thing was, they all felt very similar. They were what I “expected college to be.”

Then, I embarked on a tour of Cabrini. For the first time, a tour felt different. While on campus, I felt invited. I felt comfortable. I felt like everyone I met there was extremely friendly. It was more than what I expected college to be. 

In addition to that tour, I found other things that made Cabrini more appealing to me. I loved how the school had small class sizes because smaller classes usually end up feeling more comfortable, and you get to know the professors and your classmates. I didn’t want just to be a number, and I didn’t want to sit in a 200 person lecture hall.

Secondly, I played on my high school golf team and wanted to continue in college. Cabrini gave me the perfect opportunity to play college golf in a competitive setting (and win the 2019 Atlantic East Championship).

Thirdly, Cabrini’s location is great. We’re located in a nice area right in Radnor, PA, we’re close to the King of Prussia Mall, and close enough to Philly if you want to visit. For me, it’s close enough to my home that I can go back whenever I want, without feeling like I’m going to college in my backyard.  

Initially, I wasn’t planning on going to a small university. All of my other choices were either large or medium-sized schools. In my head, I thought that I would need a bigger school until I visited Cabrini and saw the difference for myself. The warm, welcoming nature of our University drew me in, and after only a couple weeks into my first semester, I knew I had made the right choice. Your college decision probably isn’t an easy one, but I promise you that college is an awesome journey that I am loving so far- a journey that I am proud to be taking at Cabrini University.