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Words From a Grad Student

Posted on 1/18/2019 12:16:17 AM by Ayannah McIlwain

Welcome to the second semester of the 2018-2019 year! Coming off a long winter break, it can oftentimes take a while to get back in the swing of things. Since this is such a fast-paced time of year, I sought out some advice from someone who’s been in this position before.  I had the chance to interview Ashlee Grazier, a graduate student. She shared some great advice to implement during this time. 

Ashlee when did you graduate from Cabrini?

“In May of 2014 so over 4 years ago.”

So now you’re back for your master’s, what are you studying?  

“I am studying Leadership, I am also currently the Graduate Assistant in the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership.”

What was your favorite aspect about Cabrini during your undergrad?

“I loved working in 4 departments, especially working as an RA. I met many influential people in my time here and they taught me a lot. When I became an RA, I was a mentor for my residents and then I was able to share all the things that I learned from others.”

What advice would you give to the freshman as they enter their second semester?

“Start now! Whatever you want to get into on campus, do it now. Don’t wait until next year, this is the perfect time to meet people who have the same interests as you and who want the same things. Also, start making relationships with your teachers now, go visit their office hours that’s how you build rapport. Partying may sound fun, but nothing will positively affect you except the effort you make towards your future.”

What advice would you give to the seniors as they enter the second semester?

“Be ready for life to change! This is a time where life is going to take some twists and turns as you prepare for your upcoming graduation. Embrace that change and don’t be hard on yourself. Give yourself the room to adjust and even make some mistakes. Stay humble, and soar. You can truly do anything you want to do, this is your time to build your life path. Don’t settle and most importantly stay focused.”