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Philosophy - The Best Major There Is

Posted on 2/2/2019 5:49:52 PM by Ayannah McIlwain

Philosophy, the love of wisdom, in my opinion, is the most unconventional, unique, and best major there is at Cabrini (I’m biased, I know).

Besides the obvious fact of studying the great minds of historical philosophers like Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle; philosophy is amazing because there is no limit on conversations in the classroom.  You can have debates and ask questions on topics that aren't acceptable in some other classes. “What exactly is the meaning of life? Is God real? What is the best way for our society to be conducted?”  In my classes this semester we are talking about things like love and friendship, social contract theories, and using the idea of rationalism to make and guide our decisions. The best part about philosophy is there are no right or wrong answers! There are no algebraic formulas you have to memorize, it’s all left to interpretation. This sounds amazing right?!

However, I must say that being a philosophy major automatically comes with a lot of side eyes and “Well what are you going to do with that after you graduate??” Yes we know there is no specific profession for philosophy majors (besides teaching) but in my opinion that gives you so many options to choose from. You can apply philosophy to any profession or career!

My freshman year I took a philosophy 101 class and fell in love with it, but I was scared to commit to the major because I didn't think I could make a profession out of it. Boy, was I wrong! Until my junior year, I was an unhappy business major. I was learning a lot in my classes but I just wasn’t passionate about it. I let my fears get in the way of my real passion. Towards the end of my junior year,  I decided to make the switch to a philosophy major and I would have to say that it was the best decision of my college career.

Philosophy teaches you how to think outside the box, push the limits, and look at things in a different way than most people. In fact, a lot of future Law School students are philosophy majors. Even people in criminology, sociology, and psychology take up philosophy. It’s perfect to have as a second major or even a minor, you only need 25-27 credits to fulfill the requirements. Also, employers love seeing philosophy on your resume. It makes you stand out and it shows that you can work with and understand people better than your competitors.

Philosophy isn't for everyone, but it can't hurt to try it out. If you are unsure about what major is best for you or you need some general elective requirements to fill, I challenge you to take a philosophy class. Give your mind a break from all the traditional classes and have a little fun with your thoughts. You might find out that you’re in love with thinking outside of the box.