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What Does Campus Ministry Offer?

Posted on 3/7/2019 4:43:24 PM by Ayannah McIlwain

Since Cabrini is a Catholic institution, I am sure you have heard about the regularly scheduled mass services hosted by Campus Ministry. But what else is there to know about this department? This past week Rosa Altomere, the Campus Minister, shared some good information about what Campus Ministry is all about.


What exactly is the role of Campus Ministry at Cabrini?

 “The role of Campus Ministry is to accompany and guide students on their life and/or spiritual journeys through mentorship, leadership development, faith engagement, team-building, and community service.”

What kinds of activities/events/retreats does Campus Ministry host? 

“We host many events each school year including 3 mission trips, 4 retreats, and monthly community nights and PB&J Nights.”

What do you want everyone to know about this department?statue of mother cabrini

“Everyone is welcome here! Regardless of your faith background, or if you do not practice religion at all, you are welcome. This is a wonderful place to make friends and find a sense of community.” 

What is the mission of Campus Ministry?

“Campus Ministry provides an inviting atmosphere where each student can experience a sense of belonging and work within this community to become more comfortably connected to God, others, and self. Through retreats, campus liturgical life, and service, students are afforded the opportunity to enter into respectful dialogues with people of all faiths, cultivate leadership skills, foster a commitment to social justice, and find meaning in their lives, which in turn produces engaged and responsible individuals in their faith communities.”

What’s the difference between Campus Ministry and the Wolfington Center?

“Our programs are based in spirituality, though you do not have to be spiritual or religious to participate. Also, though we collaborate on some things, we are separate departments. Father Carl is the Director of Campus Ministry and Dr. Ray Ward is the Director of the Wolfington Center.

For more information on being involved with Campus Ministry, contact Rosa at ra592@cabrini.edu or stop by the office which is located on the third floor of Founders Hall.