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You Should Be an Orientation Leader!

Posted on 1/27/2019 9:40:19 PM by Ayannah McIlwain

In my opinion, the month of August is brought with a lot of feelings of excitement and joy as the school year begins again. August is my favorite month for a lot of reasons with one of them being that it is Orientation Season. During this time the new incoming freshman and transfer students are joining the Cabrini community and there is a whole weekend dedicated to welcoming them to the University. There is even an amazing group of student leaders who are there to help them move in and show them everything Cabrini has to offer. I’m talking about the Orientation Leaders!

I have been an Orientation Leader (OL) three times and I must say that it is the most fun part of the school year. As an OL you are officially trained on all things Cabrini so that you can share everything you know with the new students. The training begins a week before school starts which allows you to move onto campus early and get settled. Dozens of students are chosen to be a part of this amazing group. The entire week is filled with fun bonding activities, a surprise adventure trip, food, and uncontrollable laughter. Spending so much time with your peers, you are inevitably bound to make great friendships and connections with one another.

Orientation is not just about making friends and having a good time though. It is about having a huge impact on the new students and their first semester at the University. You are the first faces they see as they start their new lives, having that genuine sense of welcome will make a huge difference in their college experience. It really sets the tone for the whole semester. Also, it’s an amazing leadership feature to add to your resume! Employers would love to see that you can work in a group setting and interact with so many different kinds of people.  

This year’s Orientation Training will be held on August 19th-22nd and the actual Orientation begins August 23rd-25th. If you think you would make a great OL, why not apply?! Applications are currently open and are due February 1st. Trust me this is something that you would not want to miss out on! 

Click here to apply

If you have any questions or concerns about Orientation stop by the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership located behind The Bean in the Widener Center.