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What Makes College the Best Years of Your Life?

Posted on 9/20/2018 10:01:13 PM by Ayannah McIlwain

Welcome to Cabrini University, where social justice, leadership and community are evident throughout the school no matter where you are. What makes this place so special though, or any university for that matter? Your college years are supposed to be the best times of your life, right? But why? For the first time you are now in charge. Your destiny awaits to be decided, that’s why.

Your parents can’t be your alarm clock anymore (at least I hope not), this is your time to flourish and branch out on your own. Well how do you do that, you ask? Great question! With so many options and paths in front of you, this is the time to try as many as you possibly can. There are over 50 clubs, 19 athletic teams, and tons of majors to choose from. Cabrini has a place for everyone no matter who you are. Take some different classes and decide which major is the best one for you. Join a club or check out the monthly activities calendar and plan to attend at least two school events, you won’t regret it.

Cabrini has a small private university vibe most times, but in my opinion that is the best part. You get a chance to create a one-on-one connection with a community that you’ll have for the rest of your time here. If there still isn’t something that completely interests you, create it! Find some others who are interested as well, and make your own community within. There is where you sleep, work, learn, eat and socialize all in one. Use that to your advantage and run with it.

Take this time to learn about yourself. If you aren’t passionate about your major's classes, don’t be afraid to pick a new unconventional track. Remember this is your path and no one else’s, so pick a field that you’re most happy in. This time will ultimately lead to your career and you want it to be as fulfilling as possible, so take your time with all your decisions. If you make a mistake, make it confidently but never settle until you figure out the right way. College is about being vulnerable, learning new things and falling in love with them. It’s also about being open to meeting new people who you would never have met in any other case and accepting them for who they are. College is about complaining over your homework, but getting it done anyway. It may be one of the most challenging times of your life, but it will be worthwhile.

College is about you! You can create the best version of yourself at your own pace. Find your purpose and flow and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do it. Push yourself to be better than you were and take advantage of all the resources provided. Soon enough, you’ll realize not only do you find your place, you also find yourself along the way, and you should love whoever that happens to be.