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A Letter to Incoming Freshmen

Posted on 8/20/2018 11:21:52 AM by Kaitlyn DAmbrosio

Dear Incoming Freshman,

As Move-In Day and Orientation are approaching, I am sure you are as eager and nervous as I was when I was 18. I did not realize how quickly these four years would fly by when I first arrived on Move-In Day freshman year. Now, as a senior, I begin reflecting on all the memories I have made, all I have accomplished, and the goals I have set for my bright future.

At Cabrini, I have had so much fun meeting new people. The best and easiest way to meet people is by getting involved and participating in activities on campus. When the Involvement Fair rolls around, go sign up for a club or two. You'll have the opportunity to connect with people you have similar interests with and make new memories. While in college you'll have plenty of room to explore and learn more about the world and yourself. I challenge you to take a risk and try something new, whether that is taking a class on something you find interesting, joining a new club, or applying for a job or other leadership positions. You could end up meeting your new best friend and discovering a passion that you didn’t know about.

I am forever grateful for the people who I have met and opportunities that I have had. This past year I was an editor for the newspaper and I co-hosted my very own radio show for our school's radio station. Now as September approaches, I am studying abroad with some of the girls that I worked with on the newspaper and in radio. As somebody who doesn’t like to put myself out there, it can be hard and nerve wracking sometimes. But if you take that leap, you won’t regret it.

Don’t be afraid of not knowing what your future holds; you don’t need to have a plan right now. Opportunities will come to you and everything will work out the way it is supposed to. You can follow your own path and do what you feel is right for you. Cabrini is an amazing place to learn and if you apply yourself you will have the world in your hands.