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Tips and Tricks to Get Through Finals Week

Posted on 11/29/2018 5:12:18 PM by Sophia Goussetis

Before taking on the heavy task of what might be your first college finals, there are a few tips and tricks that will hopefully make your test-taking experience slightly less intimidating. First and foremost, college finals do not define you. Although they serve a great importance, a grade letter will not be the end of the world. Before even taking out your laptop and books, consider the following ideas. Whether you are in the Holy Spirit Library, dorm room, or your preferred study spot on campus, make sure you are working in a clean and organized space. Studying in a messy environment will lead to distractions and wasted time. That being said, it is important to take care of yourself first. Take time to prepare a healthy drink or snack beforehand to have on hand while studying.

Now that you are prepared, the real work begins. Studying for finals can either be a beneficial opportunity or waste of time and energy. This is why knowing how to study will make all the difference in your overall grade. Before finals week even begins, consider rereading your notes right after classes to make sure the information is stuck and fresh in your head. While studying, keep in mind the skills of time management. Do not wait until the last minute to review an entire semester's worth of information. Rather, study ahead of time and take fifteen-minute breaks between every hour of work completed. That being said, studying doesn't mean just looking over your notes, there is a difference between comprehending and simply memorizing. Test yourself, or have a friend quiz you on the information to mentally prepare for what the real final will feel like.

Throughout the process of preparing for finals week, don't forget the simple but equally important tips. For example, try to exercise between study sessions to give your mind a rest and gain some much-needed energy. Reward yourself for your hard work, and above all, make sure you get a decent amount of sleep. Finals may seem like an overwhelming burden, but with the right tools and proper time management, you'll succeed just in time for the holidays. I hope these ideas were informative and I wish my fellow Cabrini students the best of luck before, during, and after finals week.