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Dealing with Senioritis

Posted on 10/30/2018 1:35:35 PM by Rahmere Griffin

Look at you, you’ve done it.. Well almost. It’s your last year of school and graduation is right around the corner. Many people may feel excited that “real life” is about to start while others may feel a bit anxious. Maybe you’re a mixture of both. There are tons of different feelings that come with being a senior, but one thing I’m sure you’re feeling right now is a bit of Senioritis. Senioritis can be defined as a student’s decreased motivation towards their studies as the end of their school career gets closer. Senioritis can start for some people at the end of their junior year while for others it can be the end of their last semester. Here are four ways you can beat senioritis and make the most of your last few semesters of college.

Make Connections.

College is like a big melting pot filled with people from different walks of life, different backgrounds and different hopes and dreams. This is a prime opportunity to make connections with your peers and professors. Who knows who you will run into 10 years from now or who knows what type of business you may need. Let's say later on down the road you are in need of a photographer for an event. Maybe you can call up one of your college buddies who has a passion for photography to see if they would like to do it. There’s also a chance that you may find your future business partners here in college.

Become more well rounded.

Throughout college, most people have been focused on taking classes in their major from their very first semester. You might find yourself at a point where you’ve taken all of the necessary classes required for your major and you’re finished all of your general education courses. At this point, you may feel a bit like, “ hmm.. What am I supposed to do now?” Use your last year of college to take some courses that might seem interesting to you that are outside of your area of study. Try some new things. Maybe you want to try out a business class, or perhaps you want to try your hand at scriptwriting or even volleyball. All of these are potential classes you can take just to make yourself a bit more well-rounded, and who knows maybe you’ll find a new hobby or passion just by doing this.

Become more involved.

Many people believe that senior year is the time to cut back a bit on your commitments and take it easy for a bit. I’m here to convince you of the opposite, use this time to get more involved. Take on a leadership position on campus. You can use this opportunity to inspire underclassmen and maybe impact them for life, who knows? You could also try to start your own club on campus. It would be a great resume piece and it could have a potential for you to sort of leave a legacy behind as the club could be something that continues to grow and grow for years to come.

Finish up those goals.

Remember when you wrote down those goals that you wanted to reach in your first or second year of college? Did you achieve them? If not, now is as good a time as any. It is never too late to accomplish those goals that you’ve set for yourself years ago. Maybe you wanted to get straight A’s a semester, try that now. Or perhaps you wanted to expand your friend group, there’s no better time than the present.  Reaching those goals that you set for yourself will ultimately help you feel better about your college experience as a whole.

Someone once told me that “college is what you make it out to be”, and that has turned into one of my life quotes during my time here at Cabrini. I have decided that I won’t let senioritis slow me down this year, and you shouldn't let it get to you either. Of course there’s going to be those moments where you’re really not feeling it and you’re just counting down the days until graduation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most out of these last days. You wouldn't want to be 5 years down the line having regrets about college like, “man, I should’ve done this” or “it would’ve been cool if I had done that.” Make the most of college while you’re still here.