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A Leap of Faith

Posted on 6/7/2019 3:46:58 PM by Abigail Scardelletti

Cabrini is a school that is dedicated to social justice and an Education of the Heart. Something both prospective and current students hear very often. The phrases “live with purpose” or, for some, “do something extraordinary” are mentioned at various events and in many conversations.

I say the word “Cabrini” a lot as a student. The school is my second home. It is where I am getting an education and have lived most of the past three, almost four years. Taking in every opportunity, both good and bad.

But, these phrases and names that are heard constantly are not just words. Mother Cabrini, who our University is named after, was a real person dedicated to helping others, especially immigrants. She dedicated her life to social justice causes. As a student and person I will carry the school’s name with me not just during my time here, but throughout my life. I decided to take a leap of faith and take part in her legacy and help others. In other words, to live with purpose.

During my junior year, I lobbied on behalf of immigrants at Senator Booker’s office; a United States Senator. Myself and other students represented Cabrini University and the Center on Immigration and spoke on behalf of those who are trying to come to the United States, but are unable to because of the current Congress and presidential administration as well as the immigration system that is currently in place.

Spending the entirety of the fall 2018 semester learning about the immigration system that is currently in place, as well as how to lobby and speak with a United States senator’s staff was fascinating but stressful at the same time. Cabrini is fortunate enough to have fantastic professors such as Abel Rodriguez, but the information taught about how hard it is to become an American citizen can be disheartening. 

But to go to Washington D.C. and represent Cabrini in front of U.S. Senator’s staff is an incredible feeling. It was definitely worth the leap instead of taking an easier course. This lobbying course as well as the others offered at Cabrini are not common courses at all schools. To have this opportunity to advocate and help others, as part of a class is an opportunity of a lifetime and something that you will only get at Cabrini.

A leap can be hard, especially when grades are involved. But, at Cabrini those leaps are worth it. It shows you how to both live with purpose and to do something extraordinary.