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5 Things You Should Bring on Move-In Day

Posted on 8/9/2018 10:45:24 AM by Kaitlyn DAmbrosio

Move-In Day is quickly approaching. On August 24, new students and their families are going to arrive on campus and get ready to start their new journey at Cabrini. Here are a few items that you should include on your packing list to bring on Move-In Day.

1. USB Drive or external hard drive

You should ALWAYS back up all of your work that you do for classes. Even if you use Google Docs to write your papers, it is still wise to put everything on a USB drive. The library has two floors with computers that include all of the Microsoft Office programs, so if you do not own a laptop, then you will still have a place to work. However, you may not always be able to get on that same computer each time you want to do your work. That’s why a USB drive comes in handy.  If you think that you may be working with bigger files, then you may want to look into an external hard drive to back up your work. You can find them on Amazon or any store that sells electronics.

 usb drive

2. Snacks to bring on the go

Some days can get a lot busier than others. If you have back-to-back classes, you may not have time to run down to Cavs Corner or Jazzman’s to grab a bite to eat. When you move into your dorm, bring some small snacks with you that you can throw into your bag when you think you won’t have time to eat that day. Those snacks could be granola bars, small bags of chips, or even a ziplock bag with some cereal in it. Most professors I have had were okay with me having a food while I was in class. Keep in mind, science classes do not allow food or drink inside the labs because it is a hazard.

granola bars


3. Reusable water bottle

There is no need to keep buying throw-away water bottles when you can get one reusable one. Cabrini has clean water fountains in each academic building that are designed to easily refill water bottles. You can refill it as many times as you need throughout the day and save a lot of money. You can find water bottles at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Amazon.

water bottle

4. Rain boots

Cabrini has a beautiful scenic campus that is surrounded by woods and nature. Walking to class is relaxing as you enjoy the view of the campus, but walking to class in the rain is not as much fun. The campus can get pretty wet and muddy with just a little bit of rain, which is why I advise you to bring a pair of rain boots with you. You can shop around for rain boots at clothing or shoe stores.

rain boots

5. Mattress pad or memory foam topper

In any dorm room you go to, either at Cabrini or somewhere else, mattresses are not going to be that comfortable. Unless you like lying on a firm bed, you should definitely look into bringing a mattress pad or memory foam topper to put underneath your sheets and mattress protector. Believe me, they can make a world of a difference. You can find them at any store that does a back to college sale, such as Target, Bed Bath and beyond, or Walmart.

mattress pad