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Some of the Best Things Cabrini has Given Me

Posted on 5/23/2019 7:43:09 PM by Abigail Scardelletti

Cabrini University is a school that has provided me with so many different opportunities and options that make it so unique. Sure, every school makes you take math, science, and maybe a foreign language, has residence halls that are not like your bed at home and you are away from your family; but does every college give you what Cabrini University gave me?

Cabrini gave me a true Education of the Heart. I was able to take three levels of ECG or Engagements for the Common Good. From the moment I stepped onto campus my freshman year, I was learning about other people’s life experiences. I learned about how people can make a difference and start movements. I learned my sophomore year about food insecurity and was able to volunteer at food pantries and gain knowledge by doing.

My junior year, through my ECG class, we learned for the entire Fall semester about the immigration system and then went to Washington D.C. to meet and advocate for immigrants with Senator Booker’s staff for the day. Advocacy Day happens each semester and anyone can attend the trip to help lobby.

I am a Communications major and had the opportunity to be a part of the student-led news organization, Loquitur Media, my sophomore and junior year. I was a staff writer and assistant news editor my sophomore year, where I got to hone my writing skills in sections like Perspectives, Sports, News, and Lifestyles while learning how to be an editor for a newspaper.

My junior year, I earned an editorial spot as the Circulation Manager for The Loquitur. I was able to help layout the printed-edition of the paper, edit articles, coach staff writers to better their writing skills and, most importantly, circulate the newspapers around Cabrini’s campus. It was a great learning experience and there was always a sense of accomplishment when putting out the newspapers.

As an active member of Cabrini, I have not limited myself to just my academic experiences. I was an Orientation Leader during my sophomore year and helped welcome the class of 2021 to Cabrini. It was a great week of training and an even better weekend of games, dancing, picnics, and later a Philadelphia Phillies game! Being an Orientation Leader is something everyone should do at least once during their college career. 

Being at Cabrini has provided me the confidence to go after my dreams and it is due to the amazing things I have accomplished while being here. I have a wide range of knowledge and experience in multiple fields that I can take with me wherever I go in life and I know that upon graduating, I will both do something extraordinary and live with purpose.