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Mansion on campus in the fall

Why I Commute

Posted on 11/8/2017 8:55:44 PM by Rachael Tygh

My Reason For Commuting

By reading the title of the blog, you know that I commute, but that was not always the situation. I am a senior now, but freshman year I lived on campus in Woodcrest. I roomed with my best friend since second grade. There were tons of people saying not to live with your best friend because there are too many cons. Oddly enough, that year, we were the only roommates who did not request a new roommate on our particular floor. My roommate and I loved living together. We would get breakfast everyday, keep each other on track for working out, and would have occasional movie nights and a lot of High School Musical karaoke nights. It was never a dull moment living with my roommate.

At the end of the spring semester, my roommate told me she wanted to leave Cabrini. She thought I was going to be mad at her because I would no longer have a roommate, but I actually was going to tell her that I wanted to commute. We both had similar feelings that Cabrini was not for us. It turned out that it was not the place for her and she transferred. It turned out that Cabrini was the place for me; I just needed to change my situation. You see, I went to high school right down the road from Cabrini at Archbishop Carroll. I drove to high school toward the end of my years there, so why not drive to college since it is the same distance? I am someone who is just meant to commute. I enjoy getting up in the morning and being able to go about my day knowing that I get to go home to my own bed after.

The commuter life is just convenient for me personally. I have my car on campus and go wherever I want before or after class. You will not miss out on social things as a commuter. You can hang out with people who live on campus and still have the experience of attending on-campus events.

“Your grades are going to fall, or you may drop out” is what I was told when I chose to commute. Maybe this is true for some, but since commuting, my grades have increased, and I have never missed a class due to traffic, being tired, unmotivated, etc. I am sure this is not the case for all commuters, but for most commuters we seem to do just as well as the average student and possibly even better.

I enjoy commuting because I feel more free. I do not enjoy being in the same place all day. I love the idea of waking up in once place, driving to where I have to be, and then leaving after I am done my work. College is filled with stressful days and assignments. I think it is beneficial to commute for me personally because I like the idea of being able to separate myself from stress by being home where I am usually relaxed.

Ultimately, commuting worked out for me in a positive way. I am happy that I chose to stay at Cabrini and commute because it is normal to do that here. I did not want to leave Cabrini; I just needed a new view on things. I encourage anyone who is or have considered transferring to try something new first and commute. Commuting has made a new and positive impact on my life.

Don't forget to check out the new commuter lounge in the library basement! They have a microwave, TV, Wii, and many more things to take advantage of as a commuter.