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What I Miss About Cabrini This Summer

Posted on 6/21/2018 6:51:39 PM by Ceonna Morris

There are so many things that I love about Cabrini, but these are some of the things that I cherish the most. Here are the five things that I miss about Cabrini this summer: 

  1. Cavs Corner (the cafeteria)
    It felt nice to come from a full day of class and go to the caf and have a spread of food that was already prepared and ready to eat. Now that I’m home, I have to prepare my own food, including waiting for it to defrost and then cooking it, which takes time.

  2. The Library
    I am a nerd, therefore, the library is my sanctuary. The library at Cabrini has a focused atmosphere, and a beautiful view of the campus. I have libraries around my house, but the feeling isn’t the same.

  3. The Track in the Gym
    The gym all together was fun. When I first got to Cabrini, I couldn’t even run half of the track without feeling like I was going to die; by the end of the school year I was able to do two laps around the track without the running out of breath. I felt proud of myself that I was able to do that. I don’t have the same time and access to the gym that I did during the school year, so all my progress went in the trash.

  4. My Social Work Teachers
    The Social Work Department was one of the best parts of my first-year experience. Each teacher is nurturing and truly cares about you, academically and just in general. The other teachers are like that too; Social Work is my major, so I felt more connected to my SW teachers because of the potential longterm relationship between my teachers and myself.

  5. My Res Hall
    Having my own space was something that I literally haven’t had since I was born. I have six  other siblings, so peace and quiet isn’t something I’m used to. At first the idea of being by myself and "far" from my parents (Cabrini is 90 minutes away from both parents) was pretty daunting, but by the second or third day, I was completely fine with the idea of being by myself. Now that I’m home, my bedroom seems a little suffocating. I actually don’t know why. My parents aren’t harsh and I’ve never had a curfew, so it isn’t the idea of "freedom" or anything, but there’s something about waking up in your dorm to birds chirping and sunlight. That doesn’t happen at home.

But, in two short months, I'll be back at Cabrini!