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With Spring, We Turn a Corner

Posted on 3/16/2018 3:31:22 PM by Julia Cattani

In the unforgiving winter, it's almost impossible to see the warmth in the future, but I promise, it's coming! Spring weather is just around the corner here at Cabrini, and with it comes sunshine, shorts and T-shirts, and a promise. The promise of summer break coming is not one that will be broken, and it's something to count on as finals approach. 

Now, as for me, spring approaching also means graduation is approaching, and I'm not necessarily ready for that one. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely ready to have completed my studies and move on to a full-time job, but I'm not ready to find one. I've been on the search for a full-time job for a couple of months now, hoping to lock one down before graduation approaches, but I have not been so lucky. Alas, my search continues, and so do my studies as I prepare for graduation.

Throughout my time on campus these past couple of weeks, I've realized something: senioritis is real. I never thought it would hit me because I love learning so much, but the act of completing assignments has become more and more difficult for me as the months wind down. Regardless, I have succeeded in completing everything on time and properly so that I can maintain my GPA. While I have become a bit more resistent to complete my assignments, I must say that the tenacity that I have maintained throughout my college years has not faltered, even now. 

So yes, as it may still be on the cold side outdoors, looking at the calendar reminds me that there's so much light in the future. Even though graduating can be scary and even stressful at times, I'm finding myself to be happier each day, knowing that this isn't about my undergrad career ending, it's simply about my adult life beginning. 

For those who aren't graduating from college but graduating from high school and looking at prospective universities: this is an exciting time! You are now getting to choose a place to learn and grow as a young adult. Cabrini has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my life, with their amazing programs, welcoming community, and confidence. Cabrini has not only shown me a place to call home, but it has also made me into the strong and vocal person that I am, unafraid of showing my true colors and being heard.

Spring will always be one of my favorite seasons, as it constantly encourages us to grow, like the flowers from the frozen ground. Whether we are starting a new journey or simply continuing on our every day lives, spring revitalizes us and shows us that there's always light (and warmth) to guide us through.