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Random Poem #1

Posted on 4/8/2018 10:18:18 PM by Ceonna Morris

I've been writing poetry since I was 11. I've found that poetry is calming and helps you express yourself in ways that you can't do with regular syntax and speech. You can be as imaginary or straightforward as possible. For me, these last few weeks have been really heavy and draining, so I'll be writing a poem based off of a prompt from www.creativewriting.now.com to destress. If you're interested in trying the site it has a multitude of prompts that will stimulate your creative side. Remember that poems don't have to rhyme and they take on whatever life you give them. I encourage you to freestyle your poems or visit the site and create poems based on the provided prompts.

Prompt: Write a poem based on a dream you had. Try to reproduce the sensations of the dream.

You were there. I was there. We were there.

Together in a way that we hadn't been for a long time,

In a way that we won't be again. 

Fluorescent lights, it's warm. Yellow skies, and brown sunflowers.

My mind is hazy, no thoughts ... just silence. I'm with you.

Your Honey hues, soft skin, warm eyes were enchanting in a way the same way.

You laugh, there's no sound.

You feel like home, familiar and filled with sweetness.

Your lips began to move, why can't I hear?

Honey spills from your lips. You've become a hive, overfilling and spilling out the brim. 

The Golden liquid pools around my ankles, I bask in it. I want this; I want you.

You invite me into your arms, and I run towards you,  the warm thickness envelopes me as I embrace you. 

The honey covers us. 

My eyes snap open, I gasp for air, my heart pumps.

I'm tired.

This was a weird dream that I had a few weeks ago, I haven't given it a title, but I remember the dream very vividly. I also haven't written poetry in awhile so I'm not very confident, but I wanted to share this.