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Biggest Phillies Fan on Campus

Posted on 6/25/2018 11:09:28 PM by Keegan McKoskey

With the numerous hours spent on social media these days, you are bound to come across a friend ranting about their favorite sports team.  I have been a Philadelphia Phillies fan since I was born. To be completely honest, I may have been shunned if I wasn’t, given that my family lives for Phillies baseball and always will.

I grew up going to the Phillies games on days that I didn’t play one of my own baseball games. It was to us what a shore house is to other families. Whether I was at my brother’s baseball game, playing in my own games or at a Phillies game, I was always around baseball. 

I’m sure you have heard it before that being a diehard Phillies fan is one of the most painful experiences to live. But that’s not what it means to me, at least for the most part. It is the long years of being a fan of something special and being loyal to the same team.

However, this year it looks like the Phillies are turning that around, finally. The season seems to be going well for them as they have a winning record and a healthy team for the most part. Recent players around the league are becoming free agents and the Phillies could land a big superstar this offseason. 

If this happens, it is a strong possibility that the Phillies may very well be a playoff team again. As a diehard Phillies fan, I see many students who are just as big of a fan as I am for the Phillies. There are some students out there that like different teams but I would say majority have the Phillies as their main team. 

Plus, Cabrini hosts nights at the Phillies where tickets are cheaper than you could normally get them, so that’s exciting to look forward to during the semester.

Find out more about Cabrini's Sept. 14 Night at the Phillies.