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How to Stay Healthy in College

Posted on 3/12/2018 8:42:00 AM by Julia Cattani

1. Schedule time to work out

Having the drive to work out can be difficult when working with an irregular schedule, such as a student does. Over my undergrad years, I’ve learned how to make a regular schedule out of an irregular schedule, making sure that I schedule in certain aspects of life that I feel are necessary to live healthier. Between work and class, every morning is a different task. Some days, I am able to work out as soon as I wake up (which I prefer), but other days I have to fit it in between work and class, which can be difficult. By scheduling the weeks ahead of time, I hold myself accountable to work out at my scheduled times, to ensure that I feel accomplished and am working toward a healthier lifestyle.

2. If you have the means to cook, cook!

A quick and easy way to ensure that you are getting the proper nutrients is to cook your own food. This way, you are filling yourself with the proper portions of protein and carbohydrates to get you through your day. If you don’t have the means to cook your own food, or simply don’t know how to cook, there are great options for healthy food at Cabrini! Be mindful of your snacking and fill yourself with powerhouse foods that will give you the energy to properly face each day.

3. Cut out sugary drinks

A lot of the sugar that we take in each day is from sugary drinks: sodas, power drinks, energy drinks … but one way to eliminate these is to spruce up your water. By adding fruit and lemon juice to your water, you add flavor. This is important, because water can become quite monotonous when you try to replace all the sugary drinks that you typically take in. By adding new, fresh, and fruity flavors, you can successfully wean off of the sugar addiction that many of us face.

4. Remember to breathe

Breathing is the most important way to improve your lifestyle. When you are stressed or even just the slightest bit busy, it is easy to forget to breathe. Stopping every so often throughout your day to close your eyes and take in a deep breath, count it out, and steady your heart can be incredibly beneficial in your wellbeing.

5. Make time for yourself

As a student, we can become very enveloped in the activities and commitments that we have, but to lead a healthy and balanced life, it is highly important to take a step back and realize the important aspects of life. When school and life are bogging down on you, make sure you take a night off and relax. Whether you have a movie night with friends or decide to go to bed early, taking a break is highly valuable in your physical, mental, and emotional well being.