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How to Spend Your Valentine's Day

Posted on 2/13/2018 11:23:00 PM by Ceonna Morris

College can be a pool of romance for some people: Butterflies, heart-eyed emojis, and romance. For others, like me, college is the exact opposite (you may not care about Valentine's or haven't met the right person). Yup, you’re alone, and with V-Day approaching the loneliness may become even more obvious. But, fear not fellow loners! I have some tips to make this Valentine's and the next better than any box of chocolates. 


Step 1:

Grab some friends! There’s no need to be alone, spend this special day with people you truly care about.

Step 2:

Find out what you want to do. Are you guys homebodies? Do you guys want to do something mellow or hype? What time? Where? Do you want to dress up? Balling on a budget?


Pick out a restaurant, or a fun place to spend time with your besties. Since we’re close to KOP there’s a multitude of restaurants to pick from. The Cheesecake Factory, Pholicious, and the Lux Cafe are popular choices. A movie theatre is also across the street from the Mall.


Find a comfy place on campus (dorm room, library, lounges, etc.). You can connect your device to one of the many TVs around campus and make a mini theatre experience for you and your buddies. Complete the event by grabbing some snacks from Walmart, the school store, or any other on-campus eatery. Some of my favorite movies to watch are Sausage Party, The Conjuring, Legally Blonde, and Lost Boys.

Step 3:

Get ready! Put on your favorite songs and get dressed up. Whether it’s cute pajamas, high heels, and makeup, or jeans and a hoodie­­­­­­­:  have fun. Tell your friends they're beautiful and that you love them!

Step 4:

I think that Valentine's Day is a little overrated, but I also understand that sometimes it just feels nice to be with others. Remember that Valentine’s Day is only a day and is only valid if you give it validity. Don’t feel down. Friends and self-care are things to invest in every day, not just February 14th.