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How To De-Stress From Finals Week

Posted on 5/3/2018 11:25:48 AM by Keegan McKoskey

Finals week is the week every student dreads. Final exams, presentations, papers and projects all start to fall under Finals week. You could ask yourself, "How do my professors expect me to get all of this done when they're all on the same week?" Or, you could tackle everything at your own pace and get a good start to the summer. 

Finals week and the week before are veyr stressful times for college students. It's crunch time, and everyone has assignments to turn in and exams to study for. When I feel stressed out and begin to think that all of this cannot be possible, I simply take a breather. 

It is the week before finals and I have 2 projects due, 2 papers, 1 video to edit, a couple meetings, and an induction ceremony that will take up most of my days where I could be getting things done. All of this was stressing me out to no end so I needed a mental break. 

My friend was in a class and they were taking a trip to the Franklin Institute instead of having class in the traditional classroom like the rest of the semester. So I went. And it helped like I would've never even imagined. By taking this class trip, I got hands-on experience with a camera in the City of Philadelphia. This completely cleared my head for 3 hours of the day and allowed me to get most of my work done that same night. 

Sometimes, taking a break helps clear your head to focus later on. It is highly recommended to keep this strategy in mind during the most stressful time of the semester, which is again Finals Week. Instead of letting finals week get the best of you, do finals week assignments on your time. 

After the week that everything is due, the entire summer begins which is a great start to the end of a semester. The summer is also something to look forward to during Finals Week. It is a motivater to get your work done so you can enjoy the start to summer. Always remember to take a mental break during stressful times in the semester!