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How I Chose my Major

Posted on 11/10/2017 3:58:04 PM by Caitlyn Huebner

How am I supposed to know what I want to do with the rest of my life? That is exactly what I what I was thinking at 17 and 18 years old. Classmates knew that they wanted to study business or nursing or education when they got to college, but I wasn’t as sure as them.

As a junior, my heart was dead-set on becoming a creative writing major. In fact, since I was eight years old I’ve wanted to be a writer, so of course becoming a creative writing major would only make sense. However, I was influenced against pursuing that career field by guidance and career counselors at my high school.

I toyed with the idea of following the crowd and studying education or human resources, not nursing though (my older sister was a nursing major). I knew, though, that I wouldn’t be happy with either of those majors. I knew I needed to be in a creative atmosphere—that I strive in that atmosphere.

While I’m highly creative, I have almost no tangible artistic skills; I can’t draw, I can’t paint, and I definitely can’t sculpt.

That’s when I learned about communication.

Studying communication would give me the chance to continue my love for writing, learn more about photography (my second passion), advertising, video, and practically every and any other medium I could imagine.

After not much deliberation at all, I decided to become a communication major. After touring two other schools, Cabrini was the only school that felt right not just with the excellent communication program, but also the environment itself.

Although my envisioned career shifted significantly from where I was my freshmen year to where I am now my senior year (that’s a whole other story in itself), I have been given opportunities to deeply explore multiple areas of communication. I have also picked up a minor in creative writing, just to get even more experience with my desired career path.

When it comes time to choose a major, and even a university, listen to what your gut is telling you. Are there times that I wish I was a creative writing major instead of a communication major? Yes. Are there times that I’m glad I did choose communication over creative writing? Yes again.

The most important thing, in my opinion, when it comes time to decide what your major will be, and ultimately what you’ll be doing for probably the next 10 years of your life if not more, is to know yourself and to be open. If you know, like me, that you’re a creative individual, look for a major that would lead to a creative career path. If you know that you’re an introvert or an extrovert, look into careers and majors that work accordingly.

Being open is another important aspect of choosing a major. Be open to what your support systems say. Family, friends, professors, and advisors may see a spark inside you that could work in another discipline.

Whatever major you do decide to choose, do what is best for you and your future.