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Here's to New Beginnings

Posted on 5/3/2018 2:48:23 PM by Julia Cattani

Well, this is it.

This is the last time you will be hearing from me, here on the Cabrini Blog. In a week, I will walk across the stage at graduation with the pride of completeing my time here at Cabrini.

Being a transfer student, my experiences at Cabrini were different from other students. I came into a school where it seemed that everyone was already established in their group of friends, and being a commuter, I had a hard time meeting people outside of my classes. During my second semester, when I auditioned with the theater and became involved on campus, I really felt welcomed in a way I'd always dreamed of being. 

The theater at Cabrini became my home, and while I was not able to participate in this semester's production, I feel as if the friendships I've made can and will last a lifetime. It is because of Cabrini that I found one of my closest friends, and I am proud to watch her cross the stage as well. 

People always say that "high school is the best years of your life," but I disagree. In my opinion, college has been the best years of my life. Through these past couple of years, I've evolved. When I was in school in New York City, I was broken. I couldn't discern who I was from who everyone else wanted me to be. But when I transferred to Cabrini, I felt that the people around me were supportive of who I was and just wanted to help me grow. Both my peers and mentors cheered me on in my successes and wept with me in my losses. To be in this community where one's achievements are an achievement for everyone is so satisfying, because we all care for and support one another.

Leaving Cabrini is bittersweet. As I have made connections with people that I will cherish for the rest of my life, I feel as if I'm losing something too. Leaving a place that is comfortable and going into the unknown can be scary. But doing so with the guidance of my mentors and the help of my friends makes the whole experience worthwhile. 

The thing I am going to miss about Cabrini is that no matter where you are on campus, you are surrounded by genuinely good people, and the outside world isn't necessarily like that. Cabrini is a safe space that I will always feel comfortable returning to, and I look forward to coming home and watching my friends succeed for years to come.