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Students throwing graduation caps in the air

Graduation Is Quickly Approaching

Posted on 12/10/2017 6:28:52 PM by Rachael Tygh

It seems like just last week I was packing up my clothes and supplies to move into my first college dorm. I packed two suitcases full and ended up wearing less than half of what I packed. I brought all of my favorite movies and every fuzzy blanket that I thought I could not live without. Fast forward to four years later and I am graduating next semester. I now commute and chose a major in marketing, which I never would have seen myself doing.

College flew by for me. It is a bittersweet feeling. I am overly excited to graduate and officially be an adult. On the other hand, it is fascinating to think that I now have to search for jobs that I spent four years preparing for. Will I be ready? Do I have enough experience? There are so many questions running through the senior class's minds. But the fact is, we are ready. We are all ready to venture out into a new experience. Sure, we are a ball of emotions, feeling anxious and excited and everything you can imagine.

Change is scary, but it is also necessary. Change is also inevitable. Before graduating, you will probably change your major, change your dorm room, change the way you style your hair, and even experience changing friendships. College is all about change. During the past four years, the senior class has grown and developed into adults. We are all completely different from when we left high school. We have grown up and are ready to change again and get into the job world. We will most likely change again when we get a job. We will learn new skills, develop relationships, and mold once again into a new setting of being adults.

My point here is that college may be ending, but it is just another part of the journey we are meant to be on. Things will always be changing and we will often not feel ready for change. Just look back to all of the times when you were not ready for change, those changes got you to where you are now. Ultimately, it is okay to be nervous, but you will be okay! Graduation is something to look forward to, do not fear it. Personally, Graduation will be funny for me because I graduated from high school in Cabrini’s gym. So yes, things will always be changing, but pieces of your past will always be with you, they are a part of you.

We still have one semester left before graduation. Take it all in and enjoy these next few months. If you have spare time in your schedule, possibly take a course you are interested in, like Criminology or Pilates, for example. Graduate knowing that you did everything you wanted to and study hard! Just a few more months and all the years of hard work will pay off!

Ron Burgundy meme that says, "I'm graduating and it's kind of a big deal"