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Giving Thanks to Cabrini

Posted on 11/19/2017 1:58:32 PM by Julia Cattani

This week is Thanksgiving, and around this time of year we tend to think back on the aspects of our lives that have benefited us and made us happy. Cabrini University is one of these aspects for me. 

I found Cabrini at a time where I felt I had no where else to turn, and had no direction for who I wanted to be or where I wanted to go in life. When I applied to Cabrini, I applied because it was close to home (so I could commute) and it had a very good English Department. Ever since I decided to attend, I've been happier and more excited about my education than ever. 

When I began school here, I was given a new advisor and a new class schedule. Working with my advisor was the best experience I've ever had with an advisor at a University, as she listened to my concerns and helped me shape a schedule that worked with my commuting and work schedule. This advisor also introduced me to the theatre program on campus, which allowed me to make new friends and find a home on campus. I am thankful every day for the care and attention that my advisor has given me.

Another thing I am thankful for at Cabrini is the class size. Our classes, for the most part, range between 20-25 students, allowing there to be a more personalized learning experience. This allows the professors to answer more questions in depth during class, and the professors are invested in each student in the class. This is so great for when you are struggling in a class, the professors are easy to reach and are willing to take the time to work with you. 

The last thing I am thankful for here at Cabrini University is the friends I have made on campus. Being social is very important in college, as you spend a lot of time in classes with other students and can pursue a friendship that extends beyond the classroom walls. I have found a lot of my friends through the theatre program on campus, and am very thankful for the laughs and memories I have made with them over my time in the theatre.

There are so many things about Cabrini to be thankful for, and to list them would be exhausting. However, it is important to realize these things, as school can become stressful at times, distracting us from the aspects that make us incredibly happy and fortunate.