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How to Stay Calm Under the Pressure of Finals

Posted on 4/16/2018 10:46:35 PM by Ceonna Morris

Finals Week

The school year will be ending in less than two weeks. It's so exciting because all I can think of is freedom, sunshine, and adventures. But, before I can reach the sunshine after the storm, I have to make it through final exams and projects. This is literally the MOST stress that I have been under since applying for college. There's last-minute extra credit projects, presentations, final papers and so much more. My planner is totally packed and my sleeping schedule is destroyed. I stay up until about 3 am working on projects and papers, I forget to eat sometimes, and I have a lot of headaches. My exams are during the last few days of school, I haven't started studying yet, and I'm not even sure what classes have exams and which classes are just presentations.

How do I keep calm in the middle of the storm?

1) My trusty planner.

My planner is filled with detailed instructions, phone numbers, to-do lists, criteria for projects and meeting dates. Without my planner, my whole boat would sink.

2) I do things weeks in advance.

I have 6 essays, 3 projects, and 2 presentations due before the beginning of May. The only reason I'm able to keep up with them all is that I've been working on them since March. I'm halfway or done with the majority of my projects.

3) I take breaks.

You need to relax when you can. Cabrini's campus is filled with a lot of flowers and vegetation. There's also a really relaxing atmosphere. You can go to the gym or to an on-campus event or activity. You need to take time out of your work to relax.

I actually don't do anything special; I just try to push through as best I can. There's no special way to make it through finals. You have to prepare yourself to do the best.