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Celebrating Women's History Month

Posted on 3/18/2018 9:11:40 PM by Ceonna Morris

I believe that you should advocate for a certain cause based on your personal experience, but even more, because you truly believe in the idea of universal rights. Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes (including the LGBT community).

Honestly, my life is Matriarchal. My mother is the breadwinner. My sisters and I do all the housework, the caretaking and at school—my high school—my AP and Honors classes were also female-dominated. The higher staff positions at my school were all occupied by females. My extracurriculars and recreational activities were the same. Because my life is so female-dominated, I don’t feel as oppressed by males as many other women have felt. But, just because I don’t feel something (to its full extent) doesn’t mean it is non-existent.

Amber Rose

About four years ago, I came across Amber Rose’s "SlutWalk" on social media. Amber Rose has tackled many issues that hurt and belittle the female community. Slut shaming, LGBT pride, and equality are often things addressed by Amber. Amber gives people the confidence to own their femininity (no matter what form) with the same freedom. She uses her sex appeal (a trait often used to justify the crimes committed against Women and LGBT members) to fight the stigma that in order to be respected we must be modest, passive and submissive. This march truly showed that women came in all walks of life. Amber truly gives a modern, chic, powerful twist to the Feminist movement. I realized that just because I was around girls all day didn’t mean the same as supporting girls.

So I decided to take things into my own hands. Amber has inspired me to try and make the same changes in my community. When I got back to school after break, I started my high school's first Feminist Club. My goal for this club was to talk about ways to encourage and amplify the women in our community to support each other. I made sure that males and females felt welcome to join the club. We talked about why women are demoralized and what it meant to identify as a woman and the ideas that came with it. We also ventured into the realm of sexuality. Not everyone understood what Trans-Women are and how they add to our community. Some of the members even dived into Drag Culture to help understand the LGBTQ community. Even when my posters were torn down and trashed, I looked at Amber and other Feminists as my inspiration to keep going. Although achieving this goal in college is a bit different from high school, I want to have the same impact on Cabrini as I did in my high school's feminist club. 

Tina Fey, Amandla Stenberg, Rowan Blanchard and Amber are my favorites. Everday women are also inspirational, whether they identify with the label of 'feminist' or not, I believe that if they are supportive of the efforts of other women then they are inspirational. I believe that one day we will achieve a society consisting of intersectional love, faith, and understanding. We can achieve that world only if universal basic rights are given to everyone. I believe that feminism is a stepping stone toward that intersectionality.