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Winner: Briana Wormley (’19)

Receiving an education at Cabrini has continued to be an eye-opening experience since I have started my college career. I came to Cabrini with the idea that partying was more important than getting the proper education. Towards the end of my freshman year, my GPA was a 2.4 and I was not happy with the path that I was leaning towards. Having that GPA was the one of the worst experiences I have experienced and I knew that I was not that kind of individual. I surrounded myself around individuals that were not supportive and did not care about my college success and would rather pressure me into partying than learning. Once I became aware of that, I had to re-evaluate myself and my character by understanding that my education is the most important. After my freshmen year, I learned that having an open mind and talking to other individuals about my personal experiences will help me learn more about myself. I knew that I had so much more potential than what I assumed was enough and that resulted in my GPA going from a 2.4 to a 3.6, and continuing to be in the 3-point range. Cabrini has helped me find a great group of friends who continue to support me and not being afraid to do different opportunities that Cabrini has and I have experienced. Being a senior has been an amazing and growing experience and I control my happiness and growth.

Honorable Mention

Grace Duncan (’20) 

When I began my college search, I applied as a secondary education major, and I was looking at each schools teaching department. I thought I wanted to teach. After getting accepted to a few schools, I had my top choices picked out, but for some reason, I was still not drawn to anything.

While visiting a school for my sister, my parents asked if I had wanted to visit Cabrini because it was close to where we were, and I hadn’t seen it before. For some reason this school never jumped out to me for education, and I was soon to figure out why.

When we arrived on campus the first thing I saw was a building called “Grace Hall” and I knew I needed to go in there. It was calling my name, literally. I walked inside, and requested to take a tour of campus. I ran into the head of the social work department. I had no idea what social work even was. But I asked her, and in our brief five-minute conversation I knew that’s what I needed to do. I never felt more sure about something than I did when I left Cabrini that day!

Cabrini’s values line up so effortlessly with the NASW code, I knew that I was about to embark on a glorious journey. I am currently a third-year student at Cabrini, still loving it, and learning more about helping others than I could ever imagined.