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2017 Cabrini Stories 


Terry Gough"As a member of the class of 1973, I have very fond memories of Cabrini. Our class went from, what seemed to have been the tradition at the time, Grace Hall as freshman, but unlike previous classes straight to Woodcrest, the NEW dorm, rather than the Mansion as a sophomore class. If my memory serves me well, it was due to the fact that the class of '72 chose to remain in the Mansion until they graduated. My friends and I loved Woodcrest! The most vivid "College" event I recall from freshman year was the first Earth Day celebration on campus, spring of 1970. It was a beautiful day of sunshine and we felt so cool wearing Earth Day tee shirts, knowing we were a part of colleges all over the country uniting for our environment!"

Terry Panicola Gough ('73)


Maureen Larkin"Cabrini began its life the same year that I did.  Cabrini was in its late teen years, as I was when we became acquainted with each other. Coming from a huge high school, I loved the smallness of Cabrini. I loved that the teachers knew me, knew my name. I felt like an actual person compared to high school. I loved the small classes and having so many opportunities open to me. Cabrini and I have grown up together. Cabrini is now a University and I am now retired."

Maureen Larkin ('78)

Tuna Asino"Cabrini University taught me to go out of my shell. I went there to study in the Spring of 2005, as a shy man from Namibia, Southern Africa, I was a transfer student, it was difficult making friends as I came two days before classes, but joining groups gave me an opportunity to meet friends, another reason is that Cabrini encourages Community work and group work, and in the end by interacting with different people, you get to meet friends. I applied to become a Resident Assistant and I got the position whereby I gained valuable leadership skills. My professors were helpful and made me feel at home. In May 2007 I graduated with my BA  in Communications, the education I received is the best."

Tunomukwathi  Asino ('07)

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