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Inclusivity Council

The Inclusivity Council members are ambassadors to the University.  We advise and recommend programs and trainings on Inclusivity & Diversity to senior leadership and assess such programs that surround issues that arise involving faculty, staff and students, and the surrounding community.

Cabrini's Inclusive Campus

We strive to create a community free from bias, a community that enhances each person's ability to learn and work in an environment where diversity is both embraced and valued.  At Cabrini diversity includes individual differences (e.g., personality, learning styles, and life experiences) and group/social differences (e.g., race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, and religion). Inclusion is the active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity. To that end, Cabrini has created an Inclusivity Council to ensure a community:

  • Where all feel valued and appreciated.
  • Where there is evidence of cultural dialogue between people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Where there is increasing acknowledgment and acceptance of difference.
  • Where diverse constituencies participate in both academic and administrative decision-making.
  • Where barriers to inclusion—whether policy, practice or systemic—are identified and addressed. 
  • Where we create safe spaces and brave spaces for all members of our community to speak from and engage the community from their own unique disposition/worldview.
  • In our inclusive environment, we value the opinions of all members of our community.

In our inclusive environment, we move beyond traditional definitions of diversity that center on race, religion, class, gender, and sexuality.

It is imperative to note that expressions or actions that disparage an individual's or group's ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or any other aspect of difference are contrary to the fundamental mission and values of the University.

The Inclusivity Council has four active sub-committees: Committee on Ableism/Disability; Committee on LGBTQIA+; Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity; and Committee on Women Advancement.

Please click here for the full Cabrini University Statement of Inclusivity.

Inclusivity Council Members:

  • Beverly Bryde, EdD, Dean of Education
  • Mary Budzilowicz, Coordinator of Education Resources Center
  • Julie Carney-Jones, Professional Advisor at Center of Student Success
  • Thomas Conway, EdD, Asst. Professor of Education
  • Maritza DeJesus, Professional Advisor at Center of Student Success
  • Tracy Eells, General Manager - Food Services
  • Brian Eury, Chief of Staff, VP External Relations
  • David Howell, Director of Athletics Communication
  • Kathleen Johnson, Executive Director of Accessibility Resource Center (Sub-committee Chair)
  • Denise Johnston, Director of Human Resources
  • Carmel-Jo Madonna, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Life
  • Nancy Malanowicz, Adjunct Professor of IST
  • Angelica Martinez, Coordinator of Educational Partnerships (Sub-committee Chair)
  • Vinayak Mathur, PhD, Asst. Professor of Biology
  • Kathleen McKinley, PhD, Professor of Sociology
  • José Rodriguez, Director of Student Diversity Initiatives (Chair)
  • Sherrise Rowe, Director of Alumni Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Sub-Committee Chair)
  • Patricia Smith, Director of Facilities
  • Michelle Szpara, PhD, Associate Professor of Education (Sub-Committee Chair)
  • Raymond Ward, EdD, Director of Wolfington Center

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