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Faculty Feature - Stephen Grieco, DMA

Posted on 12/4/2018 10:14:23 AM

Stephen Grieco, DMA Assistant Professor of Music has worked at the University for about a year and a half. Grieco teaches various courses including Music Technology, Composition, Theory, and Music History. Currently, he is working on finishing a new music album called Reflections and is also working on a longer-term project writing the code for an interactive computer music technology project. Steven Grieco, DMA headshot with frame

What is your go-to advice for Cabrini students? Never be late for the gig! In other words, for students to go to every class and be there on time, even if that means rolling out of bed and showing up in your bunny slippers.

If someone were to play you in a movie, who would you want it to be and why? I believe as a short Italian male I am required by law to request Al Pacino. Thankfully I am not too short or I would have to instead request Joe Pesci.

What is your favorite (or go-to) on-campus meal? The open salad bar is always good. However, I am still waiting for an empanada station to open up!

When you’re not on campus how do you like to spend your free time? With my family and writing music of course!

What was the first concert you ever attended? The first concert I ever attended was for a band called Queensrÿche.

Give us your three favorite emojis - 🎵 ❤ ,  😜 

 What is your favorite family tradition and why? My favorite family tradition is dancing on New Year’s Eve. We all love to listen and dance to Salsa.

 What are two things still left on your bucket list? Earn the Pulitzer Prize in Music and become as close to 100% fluent in Spanish as I can be.