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Faculty Feature - Melissa Terlecki, PhD

Posted on 11/2/2017 8:55:13 AM

Melissa Terlecki, PhD has been a part of team Cabrini for 12 years. As the Chair of the Psychology department, she mainly teaches courses on Psychology, but in the past has also taught College Success 101 and a few Engagements with the Common Good (ECG) courses. Terlecki is currently conducting research on the effects of pedagogy on metacognition in students. She is also working on writing a textbook on metacognition, one of her favorite subjects to teach.

What is your favorite item in your office and why?
My pictures of my family—they remind me of my other roles and passions in life.

What is your favorite quote and why? 
On my computer I have a fortune cookie quote that says, "The best way to navigate through life is to give up all of our controls." I am a control freak and I find that a challenge, so I always try to remind myself that I can't control every outcome and that allowing things to happen organically is sometimes the best solution to solving problems.

Do you have any hidden talents or interests? If so, what are they?
I used to be a certified personal trainer and I still work out five days a week. Karaoke is another favorite pastime (not that I’m very good at it, however).

What are the top songs on your current playlist? 
(In no particular order)
“Everything in its right place” by Radiohead
“Amber” by 311
“Footsteps” by Pearl Jam
“Rewrite” by Paul Simon
“Set adrift on memory bliss” by P.M. Dawn

Where is your favorite place in the world?
An uncrowded beach

What are two things still left on your bucket list?
I have tons on my bucket list, but at the top would be to buy a new house and take my family to Disney World.