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Faculty Feature - Karen Coldwell, EdD

Posted on 7/24/2018 10:28:11 AM

Karen Coldwell, EdD, began teaching in Cabrini’s Education department in 2012 as an adjunct professorKaren Caldwell Headshot with frame and then became an assistant professor in 2014. Coldwell currently teaches Education at the undergraduate and graduate level including the Principal’s program. Aside from teaching in Cabrini’s classrooms, she gives presentations at various conferences on the importance of Early Childhood Education. Coldwell has also been part of an Early Learning Principal Instructional Coaching Program (ELPIC) grant for the past two years which works to develop competent instructional leaders focusing on Early Childhood, Instructional Coaching, and Professional Learning Communities. 

Do you have a favorite subject matter—or
lesson—that you teach? 

I actually enjoy every subject that I teach because my background in education is extensive and so I feel comfortable teaching many subjects. 

What is your go-to advice for Cabrini students? 
My advice to Cabrini students is to put their hearts into this experience so that they can get the most out of their college years, enjoy every moment, and be able to look back on these years with a smile!

What was your first job or service experience? 
My first teaching position was a first grade in a large school in south Philadelphia. There were more than 80 students in my first class and since it was a neighborhood school, they all went home for lunch.

If someone were to play you in a movie, who would you want it to be and why? 
I think it would be Jessica Chastain because she is a very talented actress and can take on many different roles. Someone who plays me would have to know how to balance being a wife, mother, principal, and student. It might be great fun to watch!

What is your favorite (or go-to) on-campus meal? 
I think the omelets in Cavs corner are the best and really look forward to breakfast for lunch!

When you’re not on campus how do you like to spend your free time? 
I enjoy spending time with my husband, children, and my grandchildren. The latest additions to our family are identical twin boys who turned 1-year-old in August. Their names are Liam and Daniel and it is almost impossible to tell them apart. 

Give us your 3 favorite emojis - ❤️ 😉 👍

What are two things still left on your bucket list?
I would like to visit Ireland with my husband and son Fred and daughter-in-law Natia and also, spend a weekend at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island to celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on Oct. 4, 2019. This is where the movie “Somewhere in Time” was filmed with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour (very famous)!