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A Cabrini student wearing a Semester at Sea sweatshirt on a mountain top

Semester at Sea

Semester at Sea offers students an opportunity to experience in one summer or one semester the rich diversity of our world’s cultures.

The perfect choice for any Cabrini student drawn to a global, comparative study-abroad experience, this “Voyage of Discovery” is a life-altering learning adventure. 

The shipboard curriculum provides insights into various cultures and societies, with the onboard professors providing students with the tools to analyze them meaningfully. These intellectual skills will last a lifetime, allowing students to understand new places and to relate past experiences to future situations.

Courses in the program focus on global crisis issues—the environment, population, foreign-policy relationships, and economics—in the context of the nations visited during the cruise.

The ship is the campus for study in a traditional setting, while the world is transformed into an academic laboratory where students earn 20% of their grades. A homework assignment might be to visit an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, to reflect upon the complexities of Cambodia and the beauty of Angkor Wat, or even to volunteer at an orphanage or work on a building project.

Funding for Semester at Sea

The University of Virginia, academic sponsor of the Semester at Sea program and The Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE), program administrator, have entered into an agreement of academic cooperation with Cabrini.

Each Cabrini student accepted in the program is automatically guaranteed: 

  • a $500 scholarship for all summer voyages
  • a $1,000 scholarship for all fall and spring voyages.
  • the inside double/outside triple cabin rate, which is the least expensive and most cost-effective, usually sold on a first-come, first-served basis

Students who wish to upgrade to an outside double may pay the difference in the increased room rate.

Applying for Semester at Sea

Interested students are advised not to proceed with applications without first checking with the Study Abroad Office at Cabrini.

  • Students interested in Semester at Sea should contact Dr. Paul Wright (Asst. Provost for International Affairs; Study Abroad Coordinator) at 610.902.8270 or paul.wright@cabrini.edu. His campus office is in the Mansion, 2nd floor.
  • Note that semester study abroad programs have a requirement of a 2.5 GPA at the time of application; in addition to Cabrini University's requirement here, that is also the requirement stipulated by the Semester-at-Sea organization.