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A Cabrini student wearing a Semester at Sea sweatshirt on a mountain top

Rome Semester Abroad

Study at the American University of Rome

The American University of Rome (AUR) offers Cabrini students opportunities for intellectual, cultural, ethical and artistic development in the historic city of Rome.

The American University of Rome’s focus on both a global and multicultural perspective allows students to broaden their intellectual development while focusing on building a successful professional future.

Like Cabrini, AUR also promotes a close working relationship between faculty and students, offering small class sizes, collaborative learning, on-site classes, and direct faculty involvement in campus life.

Academic programs at AUR offer a stimulating blend of both the classical and modern in the beautiful, ancient setting of a city that has stood for more than 25 centuries as a monument to human civilization: truly, the Eternal City.

All courses other than language courses are taught in English. Students may choose from courses offered through the Departments of Art & Humanities, Italian Studies, International Relations, Communication & English, and Business Studies.

Academic internships for course credit provide students with a practical “real world” way of relating their studies to career interests.

Student life at AUR is truly an experience unlike any other. Faculty and students at the American University of Rome think of the entire city of Rome as their “student space.”

Much of the time will be spent on campus, using the facilities and participating in student events. Most likely, just as much time will be spent in Roman cafés, reading course material, or on a bench near the Colosseum, writing papers.

In addition, the Office of Student Life provides students with opportunities for personal growth and learning through an extensive program of co-curricular activities.

Study-abroad students are strongly encouraged to join with degree-seeking students to participate in student government, student clubs, and faculty-planned activities.

Students are housed in a typical Italian-style home in a neighborhood surrounding campus. In this “full immersion” setting, alongside Italian neighbors, students will live “the Italian way.”


  • Applications for a spring semester in Rome are due November 1.
  • Applications for the fall semester are due April 1.


The Rome Study Abroad program is open to Cabrini students who:

  • have attended Cabrini for at least one year
  • attained sophomore status (30 credits or more)
  • achieved a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA

If the idea of a semester in the Eternal City appeals to you, please contact Dr. Paul Wright (Asst. Provost for International Affairs; Study Abroad Coordinator) at 610.902.8270 or paul.wright@cabrini.edu. His campus office is in the Mansion, 2nd floor. Note that for semester-long study abroad programs, there is a 2.5 GPA requirement at the time of application for the experience.