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SGA Elections

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice of the student body.

Cabrini University’s SGA is comprised of 22 undergraduate students holding positions on either the Executive Board or their class senate.

SGA’s purpose is to serve Cabrini students by holding information sessions and forums about issues of concern and importance to students, as well as serving on university academic committees.

In addition, members of each class senate work closely with their fellow organizations to provide funding and resources to plan activities that build class spirit and fund their senior gift.

Candidate Requirements

  • Candidates must be full-time undergraduate students, have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.7, and be in good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Each candidate must submit a completed platform to the SGA.
  • After the platform is approved by the Election Committee, candidates may begin campaigning following the outlined procedures.
  • All flyers must be stamped by the Center for Student Engagement & Leadership prior to posting and must be removed by the candidates immediately following the election.
  • Candidates must submit a signed statement to the Election Committee agreeing to the attendance policy, required dates, and campaign and election rules.
  • Candidates must write a 300-word-maximum essay about the top three issues they would address if elected.

Attendance Requirements

The attendance policy will be decided by the Executive Board during their first meeting of the year. All SGA Officers and Representatives will be held to the same standards of attendance at senate meetings and other designated Student Government events. The attendance policy will be presented to the Student Senate at the first meeting, ensuring that all Officers and Representatives know and understand the policy. In general, Officers and Representatives are expected to attend all SGA meetings and events.

 The Student Government Senate and Executive Board as a whole will meet bi-weekly and the dates required for mandatory attendance will be made known to the current senate at the start of the semester. Although, dates are subject to change due to inclement weather.

Election Process

SGA will hold one election in the spring and one election in the fall.   Additional elections will be held if a position becomes vacant mid-year. 

  • SGA elections held during the spring semester—between March 1 and May 10—are for positions and membership during the following academic year, including Executive Board and class senates.
  • SGA will hold elections within the first four weeks of the fall semester for freshman-class senate positions and any positions not filled during the spring semester.
  • Voting will take place electronically. 

For any questions about SGA elections, please email SGA@cabrini.edu.

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