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SGA Constitution

Article I: Name, Purpose, and Operating Procedures

Section 1: The association shall henceforth be designated as the Student Government Association (SGA) of Cabrini University.

1.1: The Student Government Association shall be comprised of Members, to include all students, the Student Senate (to include elected representatives of each class year) and the Executive Board (to consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Parliamentarian).

Section 2: SGA shall be the official governing body that represents the student body’s needs in a democratic process. The Student Government Association will be the official voice of the student body.

Section 3: SGA will operate in full compliance with all governing documents that are related to student organizations at Cabrini University.

Additionally, SGA will observe and support Cabrini University’s Core Values, ensure the rights and privileges of all constituents, and adhere to all student and organizational regulations. All officers and representatives must be in good academic and disciplinary standing in order to serve on SGA.

Section 4: Unless otherwise noted, meetings and affairs will be conducted in accordance to Roberts Rules of Order.

In the case when a member, no matter their standing, suspects that procedures are not being followed, they are to direct their concerns to the President.

If further action is thought to be necessary, an appeal is to be made to the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL), whose decision will be final.

Section 5: The judicial authority of the Student Government Association shall be vested in the Parliamentarian or his/her designated body.

Section 6: Attendance policy for meetings is as follows: The attendance policy will be decided by the Executive Board during their first meeting of the year.

All SGA will be held to the same standards of attendance at senate meetings and other designated Student Government events.

The attendance policy will be presented to the Student Senate at the first meeting, ensuring that all Class Senators knowand understand the policy. In general, officers are expected to attend all SGA meetings and events.

6.1 The Executive Board will have discretion in determining disciplinary action in extenuating circumstances.

Section 7: All voting members are expected to conduct themselves professionally in all meetings and official representations of Student Government. 

Article II: Resolutions of Official Student Position(s)

Section 1: The primary function of SGA is to pass resolutions on the official position(s) of the Student Body on specific issues.

Section 2: Issues and other topics should be thoroughly researched and documented before an official resolution can be passed.

Section 3: Any Officer or committee may propose a resolution to be voted upon by all officers in attendance.

Section 4: A majority of votes is required to officially pass a resolution.

Section 5: The resolution must list the purpose, authors, research conducted and recommendations (whenever necessary and/or available) to remedy a concern.

Section 6: Once a resolution has been passed by a majority of Senators in attendance, it will be brought to the appropriate officials on campus to seek a remedy or receive a response.

Section 7: Additionally, all resolutions will be signed and stored in the official records of SGA for future reference.

Section 8: All resolutions must be proposed and tabled for one week before voting can occur.

Article III: Membership and Composition

Section 1: All fulltime, undergraduate students enrolled at Cabrini University shall be MEMBERS of the Student Government Association. These members of SGA are also members of the student body and do not hold voting powers on SGA.

Section 2: Hereinafter, the elected members (Senators and Executives) will be collectively referred to as OFFICERS.

2.1: In addition to the requirements for non-voting members, officers must maintain at least a 2.00 GPA and be elected by their constituency on campus.

2.2: Executive Board officers must have served at least one full semester in another officer position(s) before becoming eligible to run for election to the Executive Board and can only serve in one position per term.

2.3 Additionally, officers must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA to be eligible to serve on the Executive Board.

Section 3: The organization shall be comprised as follows in hierarchal order:

  • Executive Board - 6 officers
  • Student Senate – Consisting of 4 Senators from each class year

Section 4: Executive Board Officers shall consist of, in order of succession, the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Parliamentarian, and Secretary.

In the event that an officer is not present or temporarily unable to fulfill their duties, the officer directly below them is responsible for the role.

Section 5: All members are permitted to attend Senate Meetings and vote in elections for Class Senators of their respective class year.

Only those members who are designated as officers in Article III, Section 2, are permitted to vote on all other affairs, including Executive Board elections.

ARTICLE IV: Roles and Duties of Officers

Section 1: The Officers of the Student Government Association shall be the Student Body President, Student Body Vice President, Student Government Association Treasurer, Student Government Association Public Relations Officer, Student Government Association Parliamentarian, Student Government Association Secretary, and all Student Government Senators.

Section 2: The Student Body President shall:

1. Direct the activities of the Student Government Association

2. Represent the Student Government Association to external constituencies

3. Chair the Executive Board of the Student Government Association

4. Have the authority to veto any resolutions passed by the Student Government Association

(a) The Student Government Association may overturn a veto by a two-thirds majority vote of those members present.

5. Have the right to exercise such authorities in extraordinary circumstances as may be deemed necessary and proper for the performance of his or her duties; during any University recess, the Student Body President shall retain all authorities of the Student Government Association in any decision that affects the needs or concerns of the undergraduate student body; and he or she shall render an account of any such recess action at the next meeting of the Student Government Association 

6. Serve as the Student Government Association liaison to the University President, Vice Presidents, and Deans

7. Serve on University committees by right and by request

8. Be an ex officio member of all Student Government Association Committees

9. Make, on behalf of the Student Government Association, nominations or appointments to any other University committee seeking or requiring student representation

Section 3: The Student Body Vice President shall:

1. Perform all duties of the Student Body President in the latter’s absence

2. Serve as Class President for the freshman class from the beginning of the academic year until the fall election is completed

3. Be an ex officio member of all Student Government Association Committees

4. Perform any duties the Student Body President may delegate or deems necessary and proper

5. Organize one SGA retreat per semester

6. Serve as the permanent chairperson of the Election Committee

Section 4: The Treasurer shall:

1. Perform all financial transactions of the Student Government Association

2. Serve as chairperson of the Student Organization Funding Committee

3. Report regularly to the Executive Board on the status of the Student Government Association budget

4. Report periodically to the full Student Government Association on the status of its budget

5. Represent the SOFC in the proceedings of the full Student Government Association and report on the progress of the formulation of the annual budgets for student organizations

6. In concert with the Director of Student Engagement and Leadership, evaluate the budget processes for the organizational areas, and make a determination as to suitability of proposals

Section 5: The Student Body Public Relations Officer shall:

1. Update and maintain the Student Government webpage

2. Be responsible for all Student Government Association social media accounts and shall update these as necessary

3. Maintain the Student Government email account and be responsible for all correspondence

4. Facilitate the invitation of any guest(s) to SGA meetings

5. Review and approve any advertisement or public release from the Student Government Association

6. Serve as the permanent chairperson of the Public Relations Committee

Section 6: The Parliamentarian shall:

1. Keep detailed records of attendance at Student Senate and Executive Board Meetings, to include lateness and early dismissals

2. Ensure that Student Senate Meetings are conducted professionally and in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order and the policies and procedures of SGA

3. Ensure that all other members of Executive Branch become knowledgeable in parliamentary procedure prior to the beginning of fall semester

4. Serve as advisor to the Student Senate in the field of parliamentary procedure during Senate meetings

5. Keep track of actions taken by the Senate during SGA meetings to ensure all business is done correctly and to accurately answer inquiries from the Officers

6. Understand the format and the process of writing governmental resolutions

7. Establish and maintain consistency in formatting of resolutions of the SGA

8. Analyze all proposed resolutions and amendments, address revisions in content and formatting as needed, and approve all resolutions to form prior to presentation to the Senate

9. Provide assistance to senators who desire help with writing resolutions

This includes the willingness to meet with those wishing to write resolutions. The Student Parliamentarian shall advise the senator in the process of researching and writing resolutions.

10. With the Student Body Vice President, organize and oversee the Senate training session for parliamentary procedure during the SGA Retreat

Section 7: The Secretary shall:

1. Record the minutes of all meetings and provide all members with copies of the minutes before the next scheduled meetings for review prior to approval

2. Prepare the agenda of all meetings and provide copies of the agenda to all members before each meeting

3. Submit the approved minutes of each meeting of the Student Government Association to the Public Relations Officer for publishing

4. Record all resolutions, and maintain all records

Section 8: The Student Senators shall:

1. Represent the voices of students in their respective class year

2. Organize at least one forum per semester with their respective class year

3. Research the issues facing students and bring them to the attention of SGA

4. Form and participate in committees to address specific issues and areas of concern

5. Collect evidence of student opinions and needs

6. Report to SGA on progress of issues being researched

7. Attend all meetings and SGA functions

8. Shall serve on Academic Committees, whenever necessary and able

Article V: Elections and Appointments

Section 1: Student Senate positions (excluding the Freshman Class Senators) will be open for nominations from the student body no later than the first of April.

Elections will occur through secret ballot no later than the end of April following the nominations. Results are to be published no later than two business days following the close of elections.

1.1 Student body members may only vote to elect Senators for their respective class year.

Section 2: Student Senators for the freshmen class will be open for nominations from the freshmen student body starting the second Monday of the fall semester and ending the following Friday.

Elections will occur through secret ballot no later than two weeks following the nominations.

Results are to be published no later than two business days following the close of elections.

Section 3: All Executive Board Positions are to be elected by current Student Government Officers.

Section 4: All positions are effective 24 hours after the school’s last designated final day and lasts for one academic year.

In the event that a vacancy arises, the President is required to accept nominations and hold a special election for the position within two weeks of resignation for the rest of the vacated term.

Current officers on Student Government will vote on nominees to fill the vacated position.

Article VI: Meetings and Impeachment

Section 1: The times and locations of Student Senate Meetings will be established by the executive board at the beginning of each semester.

The Executive Board shall have the authority to call and cancel meeting whenever necessary.

Section 2: Class Senators are required to hold at least one forum per semester to hear from the students in their respective class year.

Additionally, Senators are expected to be continuously listening to the concerns of other students, bringing issues to the attention of Student Government, and actively working in their committees.

Section 3: Only meetings where voting must be done are required to have at least a two-thirds quorum of officers to conduct business.

If quorum is not met, the voting cannot be held, but may be rescheduled. The meeting may be held to discuss other business that does not require voting.

Note: A quorum is the minimum number of officers who must be present for a vote to occur. For the purposes of this document, a quorum must be at least two-thirds of the elected officers. 

Section 4: Any member who does not fulfill his/her duties is eligible to be brought up for impeachment by any officer.

Three quarters of officers present must vote in the affirmative for impeachment actions to occur.

The member bringing up the impeachment must write a formal proposal to the Executive Board.

The Executive Board will then decide to impeach or not to impeach the accused. If the Executive Board decides that member should be impeached, the accused proposal shall be brought to Student Senate.

The general assembly will then listen to the accusing and the accused sides separately while the opposing party is not present at the meeting. Thereafter, the Student Senate will vote to remove the officer from their position. If the accused is found not guilty the impeachment letter and accusation will be dismissed.

Section 5: Removal from office must be done in order of due process and in conjunction with Cabrini University’s Community Standards, SEaL Policies, and SGA policies and procedures.

Article VII Committees:

Section 1: Internal Committees may only be comprised of Student Government Association Officers.

With the exception of standing committees (See By-Laws on Committees), heads of these committees may consist of any member of Student Government with the exclusion of the Executive Board, who will oversee each committee.

External Committees are comprised of both Student Government Officers as well as members (as recognized in Article I, Section 1 of the Constitution) of the student body.

Section 2: Academic Committee assignments, as outlined in the By-Laws on Committees, will be decided once Spring Elections are finalized, before the end of the Spring Semester.

Section 3: Committees will be proposed whenever necessary and will be approved or appointed by the Executive Board.

Section 4: All Heads of Committees, both internal and external are required to give periodic updates to Student Government on the progress of the business being addressed, whenever necessary. 

Article VIII: Amendments

Section 1: All proposed amendments must be brought to the Parliamentarian and reviewed by the executive board before being proposed to the Student Senate by the suggesting officer or committee.

All amendments must be presented and tabled for one week before voting occurs.

Section 2: Proposed amendments must be approved by a two-thirds majority of the officers present at time of voting.


Article I: Standing Election Committee

Section 1: The purpose of the committee is to maintain fairness and impartiality and to ensure an accurate election.

Section 2: Duties of the Committee:

  • Certify election results or declare results null and void in the event of a breach of security or violation of election protocol.
  • Interpret, enforce, and uphold the policies and provisions of documents affecting the election process.
  • Sanction any candidate for violation of election rules or regulations. Also consult Advisor to SGA with any of these sanctions.
  • Maintain an accurate record of all candidates.
  • Approve, with the advisor of SGA, all candidates’ platforms and qualifications with respect to confidentiality (FERPA).
  • Establish and maintain polling and ballot security during the election and during tabulation of results.
  • Tabulate the votes after the closing of the polls each day of elections, and keep all tabulations confidential until committee deems necessary to post results.
  • Advertise the elections and ensure all candidates meet the deadlines.
  • Select an appropriate polling location and time. Assign staffers to coordinate polls.

Article II: Standing Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC)

Section 1: The Student Organization Funding Committee (SOFC) is a group of students who serve as members of the Student Government Association as official budget managers.

They are responsible for allocating funds to recognized student clubs and organizations on campus and for overseeing these funds once they are allocated to ensure that monies are being properly spent. This committee is advised by the Director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL).

Section 2: Membership - SOFC is comprised of the SGA Executive Board Treasurer and four (4) members of the Student Senate appointed by the SGA Executive Board after review of the individual’s application.

SOFC membership is open to all Student Government Officers with a GPA of at least 2.5 and must be in good standing with the University standards. Students with a major in business, finance, accounting, and math are given first consideration over other applicants.

Section 3: Guidelines for requesting funds will be established by the SOFC each year, in a fair and impartial manner, and distributed to all active clubs on campus.

Article III: Standing Public Relations Committee

Section 1: This committee shall serve to aid and support the Public Relations Officer in all duties.

Section 2: Specific duties shall be assigned, as necessary, by the Public Relations Officer.

Article IV: Academic Committees

Section 1: The Executive Board shall appoint representatives from the Executive Board and/or Student Senate to sit on the following external committees:

  • Academic Planning Committee (2 representatives)
  • University Council (2 representatives)
  • Academic Honesty Board (5 representatives)
  • Student Grievance Board (3 representatives)

Section 2: These representatives shall be selected once Spring elections are finalized, before the end of the Spring Semester.

Names and email addresses of committee representatives should be sent to all Faculty Chairs for the Committees and to the Academic Affairs Office.

Section 3: The Parliamentarian should remind representatives appointed to these committees of meeting times and ensure attendance as required by the committee.

Section 4: Additional committee roles may also be assigned, including Food and Public Safety Committee, or other committees as brought forth to SGA throughout the academic year.

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