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Starting a Club

All student organizations must register through the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership to be recognized by Cabrini.

All clubs must submit a registration application within the first 30 days of the fall semester.

The time commitment varies for each student club/organization. It is important to find a strong balance of academic and co‑curricular activities.

Students concerned that they cannot find a balance should contact the club advisor or president to find out how much time is needed.

Benefits for Official Clubs

  • Use the Cabrini name and claim official affiliation 
  • Solicit membership on campus
  • Participate in the Involvement Fair each semester
  • Reserve facilities, vehicles, and audio-visual equipment
  • Organize events, activities, fundraisers, meetings, and programs
  • Request funding from SGA
  • Post fliers in campus buildings

How to Form a New Student Club or Organization

  1. Fill out the Student Organization Registration Form
  2. Identify at least five other Cabrini University students with a common interest.
  3. Identify a full-time Cabrini University faculty or professional staff member willing to serve as the advisor.
  4. Write a constitution/set of bylaws.
  5. Submit a constitution, membership list, proposed slate of officers, and proposed advisor. 

    The officers and members should be listed in an Excel spreadsheet and include full name, student ID, position, and Cabrini email.

Contact us at 610.902.8755, and we will be happy to help with this process.

All clubs must register as official student organizations each year.

Inactive Status
An inactive club or organization is one that does not meet the student organization registration requirements.

If a student organization is inactive for more than three semesters, the student organization will be classified as “Does Not Exist.”

Any funds, assets, or materials purchased and acquired by the organization will be turned over.

Club Reactivation 
A group of students interested in reactivating an organization that was once a recognized club but is currently inactive may do so by following the same procedure as for club formation.

  • Please check Renew Registration instead of New Registration on the form.

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