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Club Events

Stage 1: Brainstorming

  1. Combine ideas to make better ideas! Think of an event you would like your group to do.
  2. Let others throw more ideas into the brainstorming pot. 
  3. Discard any ideas that are impossible, illegal, or just not feasible.
  4. Choose the best idea by having everyone in your organization vote.

Stage 2: Utilizing Your Planning Resources

The Faculty Support Office provides photocopying services for Cabrini departments. Clubs can request an account through SEaL, but they must have allocated funds. Faculty Support will bill the club budget for copies.

Stage 3: Reservations & Facilities 
All registered student organizations are granted equal access to:

  • the use of information tables in designated common areas
  • access to designated bulletin boards
  • scheduled use of meeting rooms

Any request for use of a campus facility by a student organization or recreation club will require SEaL approval.

The Event Request Form must be submitted on-line to SEaL at least 10 working days in advance.

Please note that space reservation is vital in planning an event. It is important to request space many weeks in advance prior to an event.

Event requests are only approved when:

  • space is available
  • the club is in good standing with the University
  • the proposed activity poses no clear and present danger of injury to person, damage to 
    property, or to the orderly operation of the University
  • the program is organized and the event request form is completed

For space and a set-up to be approved through any office, SEaL must have contacted the club and approved the event/fundraiser. Approval is contingent upon the submission of an event or fundraiser registration form and approval of the club advisor.

Assignment of space will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Vans for Off-Campus Events 

  • Request a Van
  • Obtain keys from Public Safety.
  • Return vans with a full tank of gas and parked in the assigned parking spot.
  • Report any mechanical problem, anything broken, or something odd with the vehicle.

Security for Events 
Clubs must notify the Director of the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership and the Director of Public Safety when the staging of an event poses the potential to cause some sort of disruption.

  • The sponsoring club must hire an adequate number of Public Safety officers as determined by the Director of Public Safety.
  • Public Safety Officers must be requested at least 10 business days in advance of the event, or a late fee might be imposed.
  • In some cases, the Director of Public Safety may require the presence of a Radnor Township police officer.

Cav Sound Rentals 
Cavalier Sound provides sound to the Cabrini community for events. Subject to availability, and for a fee, Cav Sound Technicians can be hired to operate the sound system. Cav Sound Technicians are students who have been trained in the use of the equipment and basic technical production.

Qualified Cav Sound Technicians must accompany all rented equipment throughout set up, performance, and breakdown. Only qualified Cav Sound Technicians may set up and operate equipment.

Cavalier Sound Technical Services Requirements:

  • Event requests must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event (10 business days).
  • Event must occur on campus.
  • Safe working conditions must be maintained by sponsoring organization. Technicians will not set up or operate in unsafe conditions.
  • Sound details, such as start times or when microphones should be turned on, are the club’s responsibility.
  • If the event is cancelled after set-up, the club is responsible for the cost of work completed up to that point.
    The sponsoring club is responsible for all external rental costs regardless of cancellation date.
  • It is the sponsoring organization’s responsibility to supply music if it is requested.

Cabrini’s food contractor, Sodexo, has an exclusive right to cater food on campus.

This means that off-campus caterers are not allowed to deliver or serve food or beverage for meetings or events on Cabrini property unless approved by Dining Services.

Student clubs requiring catering can find menu options and pricing on the catering web-site. Clubs can speak with a Dining Services representative if items desired are not listed on the catering web-site. All requests for catering should be made at least 10 business days in advance of an event.

  • Call 610.902.8505 for more information about prices, menu options, etc.

Publicity and Advertising for Clubs
All campus postings, fliers, and posters must be approved by the Center for Student Engagement and Leadership and posted in designated posting areas.

Advertising 101

  • Chalk sidewalks
  • Put signs on orange cones.
  • Door hangers
  • Write on students’ white boards.
  • Have RA on duty spread the word while on rounds.
  • Balloons around campus with the event information
  • Write on something different! (Monopoly money, playing cards, etc.)
  • Distribute info during meals.
  • Signature of your email
  • Table Tents (must receive permission from Dining Services)
  • Have the Cabrini Cavalier walk around advertising your program.
  • Write information on paper bags, fill with sand, and display around campus.
  • Footprints leading to the event
  • Campus Radio Station
  • Lollipops with a message
  • Write on Frisbees and hand them out
  • Flags around campus
  • Make announcements at other events.
  • Use cut-outs or 3D objects to grab attention.
  • Hang signs from ceilings.
  • Cover your residence hall door.
  • Phone chains
  • Find some old T-shirts, reverse them, write the info, and have students wear them.
  • Hang the advertisements from beaded or candy necklaces and pass out for people to wear.
  • Word of mouth!

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