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Diversity Events

The Office of University Diversity Initiatives (UDI) highlights and celebrates a myriad of cultures and traditions on the Cabrini campus and hosts events that enrich the campus community.  We offer opportunities for creative expression, provide reflective educational experiences, and build learning communities for students, faculty, and staff to have critical conversations about race, gender identity and expression, sexuality, equity, social justice, and the interaction of power and identity.

Below is a list of several of our programs and events:

 Annual Events

  • BIPOC Senior Dinner 

Each year, Cabrini University graduates Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Native American students. At this dinner, we celebrate their accomplishments and wish them success. 

  • Backpack to Briefcase  

The Office of University Diversity Initiatives coordinates an annual Backpack to Briefcase event for BIPOC students. At these events, Cabrini students have the opportunity to network with various business professionals in the corporate field. Often times, interviews are offered for graduating seniors. Students will have the opportunity to interact with top-level executives from various companies (for example: IBX, Janney, and Vanguard).  This interactive program offers participants opportunities to engage in dialogue about various topics important to the students' success in corporate America. 

  • The CommUNITY BBQ:

The CommUNITY BBQ is an annual celebration held during the first week of class each fall semester to welcome students and the campus community to celebrate our community and the principles of the Cabrini Pledge of Respect & CommUNITY. Attendees enjoy urban–style block party food, fun, and games such as dodge ball, double dutch, line dancing, jacks, and dominoes. At the event, students have the opportunity to win prizes for trivia, winning competitions at the event’s games, and through a raffle. 

  •  Diversity Leadership Retreat 

Beginning in 2017, University Diversity Initiatives has sponsored the annual Diversity Leadership Retreat located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. During Spring Break, Cabrini Students have the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zone and challenge their understanding of the world around them. Topics covered include Privilege, Bystander Intervention Training, Safe-Zone Training, and more.  This opportunity builds an appreciation for diversity and acceptance in addition to strengthening the Cabrini Community as the retreat builds relationships among all participants 

  • UNITY Week

Unity Week is a week-long celebration of the diverse individual and collective lived experiences and identities at Cabrini University. Throughout this week, student leaders along with campus faculty and staff collaborate with UDI to create a diverse series of programs that include marches, music performances, workshops, speakers, and other opportunities for dialogue and community building.  

For more information on any of these events, please stop by the UDI office and speak with a  Student Ambassador.  

Diversity and Inclusion Special Events

  • Diversity CommUNITY Town Halls:

Usually planned at the request of students or administrative departments, etc. we hold town hall style campus-wide dialogues to address issues of social justice and diversity.  These town halls are sometimes in response to greater societal issues, trends or incidents in the media that students faculty and staff want to address in a scholarly context.


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