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Withdrawal Examples

A student registers for 6 credits in the fall semester, and both classes start at the beginning of the semester. The semester starts, and the student withdraws from one of the classes.

Impact: The Business Office will still charge for the dropped class, and the transcript will reflect that the class was attempted.

The student may still receive financial aid for the class, provided the aid was received and posted to the student’s account prior to the withdrawal from the class.

  • The student may even receive a refund of financial aid funds, if applicable, provided the refund is received prior to the withdrawal from the class.
  • If the refund occurs after the withdrawal, the funds are returned to the student’s lender, and his/her loan obligation is reduced accordingly.

The student starts a class, but then Cabrini decides to clean-drop the student from the class due to an unusual circumstance.

Impact: The Business Office will not charge for that class, nor will it appear on the student’s academic transcript. The student cannot receive any financial aid for this class.

  • Depending on the timing of the action, it is possible that financial aid funds already received for the class will be returned to the lender, and may result in the student owing a balance to Cabrini.

Modular Class Example: 
A student registers for 6 credits, but one of the 3-credit classes starts in Summer I and the other starts in Summer II.

Prior to the start of Summer II, the student drops the Summer II class. 

Impact: The student was eligible for financial aid while registered for the 6 credits.

All aid transactions, including disbursement of funds and potential refunds to the student, may occur.

However, once the student dropped the Summer II class, he/she no longer qualifies for financial aid because he/she is registered for only 3 credits.

Any aid received prior to dropping the class can be kept, but the student cannot receive any additional aid, and if a refund is owed but hasn’t yet been sent, that refund must now be returned to the bank.