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Honors Courses

Honors courses challenge students with a higher level of academic rigor.

  • For more information about the Honors Program at Cabrini, visit cabrini.edu/honors
  • The full Term Master Schedule is available at cabrini.edu/WebTMS.
  • All courses are 3 credits unless noted.

HECG 300 A - Honors Engagements with the Common Good
Justice Matters: General Education core requirement  

This experiential, writing-intensive course helps students utilize their assets and the assets of community partners (local or global) in the pursuit of social justice.  Students will work with community partners, contributing to research that will be used to expand the capacity and quality of the partner organizations while providing students with life-long tools for civic engagement.  This research also may be used to advocate for systemic changes that will effect greater solidarity with local and global communities.  Students will develop skills and strategies to advocate for policies with U.S. and international public and private decision makers.  Honors Program students only.  A final grade of C or better is required for this course to meet graduation standards.

HECO 300 A - Honors: Great Depression 
Heritage Exploration

This course studies the various conditions leading up to the Great Depression—commercial banking, the Federal Reserve, stock markets, and macroeconomic policies. Current monetary and fiscal policies will be compared and contrasted to those in operation during the Great Depression. Learn the history of banking in the U.S. and contrast it with today's financial market. Offered fall, alternate years.

HENG 305 A - Creation, the Fall & Redemption                              

Throughout the centuries, biblical stories have been the inspiration for great art in a variety of media, most especially literature, music, and the visual arts. This course will focus on the story of the Creation, the Fall, and Redemption as it is treated in John Milton's Paradise Lost, George F. Handel's Messiah, the paintings of William Blake and Gustave Dore, and other artistic interpretations of both Old and New Testament biblical narratives. Course enrollment is limited to Honors students.

HPHI 310 A - American Philosophy
Heritage Exploration

This course analyzes the philosophical writings of American thinkers from colonial times to the twentieth century. Two fundamental questions will be addressed throughout the course: What are the philosophical theories that support the development of America? Is there a uniquely American philosophy that is independent of European thinkers? 

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