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Courses for Engagements with the Common Good

Individual Course descriptions are now listed in the course detail section on the Term Master Schedule, available at cabrini.edu/WebTMS

ECG 100

ECG 100 A Peace and Nonviolence
ECG 100 C Human Minds & Criminal Behavior
ECG 100 D Growing Old Together
ECG 100 E Coming to America
ECG 100 F English with an Accent
ECG 100 I Race & Comics
ECG 100 LC1 Civil Rights & Social Justice
ECG 100 LC2 Words in Action
ECG 100 LC3 When Good People Revolt
ECG 100 LC4 Our Interdependent World
ECG 100 LC5 Who is My Neighbor?
ECG 100 LC6 Fury Road: Dystopian Fictions

ECG 200

ECG 200 A Democracy and Diversity
ECG 200 B Hope Worx
ECG 200 C Educational Experience of Latino Students
ECG 200 D Hunger at Your Fingertips
ECG 200 E Rethinking Addiction
ECG 200 F Rethinking Addiction
ECG 200 G Workforce Development
ECG 200 H Human Trafficking
ECG 200 J Community, Arts, & Education

ECG 300 

ECG 300 A Hands on Justice
ECG 300 B Food Insecurity
ECG 300 D Working for Global Justice
ECG 300 E Immigration, Law, Social Justice
ECG 300 F Dating & Dom Violence
ECG 300 G Dating & Dom Violence
ECG 300 H Northern Ireland: Post Conflict
ECG 300 I Global Leadership Common Good
ECG 300 J Dating and Domestic Violence

Honors ECG 

HECG 100 C Reacting to the Past-LLC
HECG 100 A Reacting to the Past-LLC
HECG 100 B Reacting to the Past-LLC
HECG 300 A Phys & Mental Health Awareness

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