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Weather Emergency Information

In the event of inclement weather, details will be posted here. 


Inclement Weather School Closing Policy

As Cabrini University is a residential campus, every effort will be made to keep the business of the university running as close to a normal schedule as possible.

However, if weather factors are unfavorable and not expected to improve, classes normally will be canceled for the day.

If there is a good chance that conditions will be acceptable by mid-morning, the opening of school will be delayed.

One-Hour Delay 
In such delayed opening circumstances, a “one-hour delay” means that the 8:15am class will be canceled and the school day will begin with the second regularly scheduled class at 9:40am.

Two-Hour Delay 
A “two-hour delay” implies that the first two classes will be canceled, and the school day will begin with the third regularly scheduled class at 11:05am.

Occasionally, classes in the later afternoon and evening are canceled when bad weather conditions develop during the day.

During Final Exams
A delay during final-examination week means that the first exam of the day (9–11am) is canceled and will be rescheduled when appropriate.

Students should contact their professors to schedule a make-up exam if weather conditions make it impossible for them to come to campus.

Because commuter students, faculty, and staff travel from various locations and distances that may be more seriously affected by adverse weather than others, they are advised to exercise judgment about whether or not it is safe to drive to Cabrini.

The announcement concerning closing or delayed opening is normally made on:

In the case of an announced delayed opening, if the situation should worsen and if a subsequent decision is made to cancel classes and close the University, a closing announcement will normally be made by 8:00AM.

Cabrini faculty, staff, and students are therefore advised to re-check the announcements until 8am, prior to departing for school or work.

Evening class closure announcements will be made in the same manner on

If weather conditions change, a closing announcement may be made up to 4pm.

Cabrini faculty and students are therefore advised to re-check the announcements until 4pm, prior to departing for evening classes.

Friday Evening and Saturday Class Cancellation or Postponement of Classes
Classes and workshops on Friday evening and Saturday will be held as scheduled unless the instructor has directly contacted the students otherwise.

Off-campus programs are subject to the closing procedures of the host school.

  • Cabrini’s closing information does not extend to off-campus locations.

For more information, please contact the Graduate Studies office at 610.902.8500.

Staff Information
In the case of a delayed opening, staff employees are expected to arrive at work as soon as the university is open or at the beginning of their normal work shift, whichever is later. 

  • For a one-hour delay, offices will open no later than 9am.
  • For a two-hour delay, offices will open no later than 10am.

When Cabrini is Not Closed 
When Cabrini is open, all students and employees are expected to report to campus.

Appropriate precautions should be taken, such as an earlier-than-usual departure from home to compensate for travel delays.

Cabrini's Sports and Recreation Facility, the Dixon Center, will operate under the following hours during inclement weather:


  • One-Hour Delay: 9am–11pm (M–Th); 9am–9pm (F)
  • Two-Hour Delay: 10am–11pm (M–Th); 10am–9pm (F)
  • If the University is closed, the Dixon Center will be open 12–6pm.


  • Normal Operating Hours

For updated announcement of Dixon Center hours, please visit cabrinirec.com or call 610.225.3901.

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