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The Mansion at Cabrini and an Emergency call box

Weather Emergency Information 


As Cabrini is a residential campus, every effort will be made to keep the business of the University running as close to a normal schedule as possible.

  • However, if weather factors are unfavorable and not expected to improve, classes normally will be canceled for the day.
  • If there is a good chance that conditions will be acceptable by mid-morning, the opening of school will be delayed.

Inclement Weather School Closing Policy

As Cabrini University is a residential campus, every effort will be made to keep the business of the university running as close to a normal schedule as possible.

However, if weather factors are unfavorable and not expected to improve, classes normally will be canceled for the day.

If there is a good chance that conditions will be acceptable by mid-morning, the opening of school will be delayed.

One-Hour Delay 
In such delayed opening circumstances, a “one-hour delay” means that the 8:15am class will be canceled and the school day will begin with the second regularly scheduled class at 9:40am.

Two-Hour Delay 
A “two-hour delay” implies that the first two classes will be canceled, and the school day will begin with the third regularly scheduled class at 11:05am.

Occasionally, classes in the later afternoon and evening are canceled when bad weather conditions develop during the day.

During Final Exams
A delay during the final-examination week means that the first exam of the day (beginning at 8:30am) may be canceled and will be rescheduled when appropriate, or move to a virtual format. Students are encouraged to check their emails from their professors for further instructions.

The announcement concerning closing or delayed opening is normally made on:

In the case of an announced delayed opening, if the situation should worsen and if a subsequent decision is made to cancel classes and close the University, a closing announcement will normally be made by 8am.

Cabrini faculty, staff, and students are therefore advised to re-check the announcements until 8am or, prior to departing for school or work. 

The safety of the members of the Cabrini community is always our priority. If you feel it is unsafe for you to travel to campus students, please contact your professors, faculty and staff, your direct report.

Should weather conditions change, we will continue to provide updates regarding any changes to campus access. Please check back as necessary. For additional information, you can always contact Public Safety at 610.902.8111.

Evening class closure announcements will be made in the same manner on

If weather conditions change, a closing announcement may be made up to 4pm.

Cabrini faculty and students are therefore advised to re-check the announcements until 4pm, prior to departing for evening classes.

Friday Evening and Saturday Class Cancellation or Postponement of Classes
Classes and workshops on Friday evening and Saturday will be held as scheduled unless the instructor has directly contacted the students otherwise.

Off-campus programs are subject to the closing procedures of the host school.

  • Cabrini’s closing information does not extend to off-campus locations.

For more information, please contact the Graduate Studies office at 610.902.8500.

Staff Information
In the case of a delayed opening, staff employees are expected to arrive at work as soon as the University is open or at the beginning of their normal work shift, whichever is later. 

  • For a one-hour delay, offices will open no later than 9am.
  • For a two-hour delay, offices will open no later than 10am.

When Cabrini is Not Closed 
When Cabrini is open, all students and employees are expected to report to campus.

Appropriate precautions should be taken, such as an earlier-than-usual departure from home to compensate for travel delays.

Tornado-Hurricane Preparation

  • Tornado Watch – indicates that atmospheric conditions in a given geographic area are conducive only; all normal activity is to continue.

However, all University departments and offices are to have personnel available to monitor official Cabrini communications and disseminate messages.

Communications shall be monitored as long as scheduled uses of the buildings continue.
All watches are canceled by official notification only.

  • Tornado Warning – indicates that a tornado has been sighted and is a definite threat to a given geographical area. 

Upon notification that a tornado warning has been issued for the Philadelphia area, the Department of Public Safety and/or other University or local police/fire personnel will evacuate all persons in their respective areas of responsibility to the predetermined safest area of the buildings.

Tornado warnings are canceled by official notification only.

  • If a tornado warning is in effect at class dismissal time, students must be retained in a safe area in the building until weather conditions permit their release.
  • Personnel should be located in corridors as far as possible from all exterior walls, especially if these walls contain windows or doors.
  • Exterior windows should not be opened, and entry doors should remain closed.
  • Persons outside or in automobiles shall take cover in the nearest building.

During an earthquake, remain calm and quickly follow the steps outlined below:

  • If indoors, seek refuge in a doorway or under a desk or table.
  • Stay away from glass windows, shelves, and heavy equipment.
  • If outdoors, move quickly away from buildings, utility poles, and other structures.
  • Caution: Avoid power or utility lines; they could be energized.
  • If in a motor vehicle, stop in the safest place available, preferably away from power lines and trees.
  • Stop as quickly as safety permits, but stay in the vehicle for the shelter it offers.
  • After the initial shock, evaluate the situation and if emergency help is necessary, call the Department of Public Safety at 610.902.8111* (or 8111 for campus phones) or 911 (dial 9 first from campus phones). Protect yourself at all times and be prepared for aftershocks.
  • Damaged facilities should be reported to the Facilities Department and the Department of Public Safety.
  • If an emergency exists, activate the building fire alarm.
  • When the building fire alarm is sounded, walk to the nearest marked exit and ask others to do the same.
  • Do not use the elevators in case of fire. Do not panic or cause others to panic.
  • After an evacuation, once outside, report to your designated assembly point at least 300 feet away from the affected building.
  • Stay there until an accurate headcount has been taken. Your department head, manager, supervisor, or person in charge of each office/area will take attendance and assist in the accounting of all building occupants.
  • Do not return to an evacuated building unless told to do so by the Incident Commander or a Cabrini official (e.g., Public Safety or Facilities). 

*Please note, calls received without caller ID enabled cannot be connected to the Cabrini Dispatcher.